Press review #4: they talk about BAÛBO on Canal +!

by Baûbo Paris

The journalist Laurianne Melierre (@laurianneme) talks about Baûbo in her subject in L'info du Vrai on Canal+! (show of May 28th, 2019)

"The Sextoys are hot" - but not only! 

Well, our lovely Laurianne mixes a bit our 3 balms (not a balm for nipples specifically, but the Gorgeous Balm for the boobs and the curves!), but it is the intention that matters!

The benefits of The Balm for the vulva and our values have been well understood ;) Hydrating, soothing, for a sexual well-being in general and an emancipation in our panties. 

Also, Laurianne has finally received her balm. She gave us a lesson of swag in her Instagram story:

A big thank you to Laurianne for having believed in us since the very beginning of our project. We wish her a (even more) soft and happy vulva!