Formulas & Ingredients

Natural, organic & effective

Right from the start, we wanted balms that were obviously effective, but also of high quality, with ingredients of natural and organic origin. The raw materials of our balms, extracted from plants, are noble and can be read with complete transparency: it is essential for us that our consumers have easy access to our care products, so that they can use them intimately and daily with complete confidence.

Our formulas are 100% natural for most of our balms - 100% of natural origin for the Gorgeous Balm. We wanted to keep it simple and use the natural benefits of plants without superfluous.

Also, our formulas have a high concentration of active ingredients because the beneficial oils are not "drowned" in the wax. Beeswax is used as a stabilizer, not as a base, which makes our balms particularly effective and quite new on the market.

Our care products are formulated without paraben, alcohol, perfume, aluminum, synthetic preservatives, silicone, sulfate or GMOs! All our balms are certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS-ORGANIC standard, the most demanding label in Europe.
For an Ecocert certification, you need at least 20% organic; at Baûbo, we reach 100% organic for The Balm, 98.5% organic for the Infinite Balm and 75% organic for the Gorgeous Balm.

Made in France

All our formulas are manufactured in a laboratory in the Ile-de-France region.

They are dermatologically tested (and gynecologically tested for The Balm).


With virgin oils

Our oily balms are preservative-free and formulated with organic virgin oils.

What's the difference?
When the oil is extracted by pressure, it is called "virgin oil" and if it is extracted by solvents, it is called "refined oil", which makes it possible to obtain a standardized oil by modifying its fatty acids. In the case of "virgin" oil, the result is a pure oil free of foreign substances, clarified exclusively by physical means, without undergoing any treatment.
This is why the color of our balms may vary slightly depending on our production! From golden yellow to pale yellow to creamy white... It varies naturally according to the pressure of the organic oil.
Using virgin oils preserves vitamin E with its anti-oxidant, regenerating and anti-inflammatory action, keeps the essential fatty acids for a moisturized, plumped up, supple and luminous skin and beta-carotene, a powerful anti-oxidant active ingredient.
In short, we wanted the best for you. And we did!