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Dermatologically & gynecologically tested

Our balms are tested gynecologically (the Balm of Baûbo), on the anal mucosa (the Q Balm Anal Care) and dermatologically (all our balms) by independent laboratories to ensure impeccable quality but also real effectiveness. The results of our tests are unanimous: more than 90% of testers (and Q Balm Anal Care testers!) found their mucous membranes soothed. In short, Baûbo is fun but it's also very serious with rigorous tests. And above all, we don't mess with our sensitive skin and our comfort!

Natural, organic & effective

Our balms are 100% natural – 100% of natural origin for the the Gorgeous Balm Toning Care. We wanted to keep it simple and use the natural benefits of plants without superfluity. Also, our formulas have a high concentration of active ingredients because the beneficial oils are not "drowned" in the wax. Beeswax is used as a stabilizer, not as a base, which makes our balms particularly effective and quite unique on the market.


Our treatments are COSMOS ORGANIC certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard. For this organic label, you need at least 20% organic; at Baûbo, we reach 100% for the Balm of Baûbo and the Q Balm Anal Care, 98.5% for the Infinite Balm Universal Care and 75% for the Gorgeous Balm Toning Care!

Made in France

All our balms are made in a laboratory in Île-de-France. The jars go to Brittany in the Saint-Malo region to be screen-printed.
The cases are manufactured and printed in Paris, the pellets in Braille in the Paris region, and everything is sent to the Paris region, in our lab, to be filled and packaged.
The finished products are delivered, stored and prepared for shipments to Paris by a French integration company.

Made with virgin oils

Our oily balms are preservative-free and formulated with virgin organic oils. What does it change? When the oil is extracted by pressure, it is called "virgin oil" and if it is done by solvents, it is called "refined oil", which which makes it possible to obtain a standardized oil, by modifying its fatty acids. In the case of a "virgin" oil, the result is a pure oil free of foreign substances, clarified exclusively by physical means, without having undergone any treatment.

An eco-designed packaging

The issue of global pollution caused by plastic is alarming and concerns us all. This is why aligning our materials and production methods with our values ​​is essential for us. Our 50ml balms are contained in the first cosmetic jar in the world made from 90% recycled glass (75% post-consumer, 15% post-production), and its production represents 36% less CO2 emissions than a traditional glass jar. Thanks to its dark color, our formulas are 99% protected from ultraviolet rays; our balms perfectly retain their beneficial properties while respecting the environment! Our caps are made of post-industrial recycled plastic, and the protective seals are made of "green" vegetable plastic. The jar, lid and seal of all our balms are 100% recyclable.

Minimal environmental impact

Baûbo's balm cases are all made of FSC-certified paper and are entirely thought out and designed to have a minimum impact on the planet: they have no glue, no plastic lamination or transparent plastic film, for more natural materials and easier recycling. We are constantly looking for solutions that are more respectful of the environment and hope, on our own scale, to advance these subjects that are close to our hearts.

Braille tablets

For autonomy of use for everyone! A Braille tablet is located under our pots so that blind people are completely independent at home in the use of our care.

We are B Corp

BAÛBO is B Corp, the label for companies that use their strength to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.Founded in 2006 in the United States, the B Corp label unites, in more than 60 countries, companies that want to reconcile profit-making (for profit) and positive impact on society or the planet (for purpose). Companies labeled B Corporation are of all sizes and all sectors: they have in common to seek, via their economic model, not to be the best in the world but the best for the world.

2% of our sales donated to Gynecology Without Borders

BAÛBO is committed to Gynecology Without Borders! We wanted to do more for the well-being of women on the planet. For 25 years, Gynecology Without Borders has been working for women's health, with the aim of respecting human dignity and promoting women's health throughout the world. The problems addressed by these midwives, doctors, nurses concern perinatality, medical suffering, domestic and sexual violence, discrimination or even the status of women in society. For each Baûbo balm purchased, 2% is donated to Gynecology Without Borders!