THE BALM of Baûbo

Discover our iconic care: THE BALM for the vulva, a safe 100% natural and 100% organic care for sensitive, irritated, active, soothed vulva.

After love, every day and as soon as the slightest dryness or annoyance!

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Feminist & eco-designed care

At Baûbo, we break taboos. We do ourselves good by respecting our bodies, our skins and the planet.
We make the vulvas happy and more.

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♥ The Spring offer! ♥

We have decided to please you with this limited edition box set, with a small seasonal price!

Post-love care for you my love : find our best-seller in pocket size, THE small BALM, vulva care.

Post-love care for you my love: The small INFINITE BALM, perfect for seasonal dryness and other unlikely colds.


Our healthy ingredients

We use organic virgin oils, not refined by solvents. Our oils retain all the virtues of their essential fatty acids for a supple and moisturized skin, the regenerating action of vitamin E and beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant.

These virgin oils are not artificially stabilized, which is why the color of our balms may vary slightly depending on our production! From golden yellow to pale yellow to creamy white... It's all natural.

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Our universal multi-purpose, organic and ecological care that replaces all the superfluous in our bathrooms in a single jar.
The INFINITE balm intensely moisturizes dry face, body and hair...
For sensitive skin, mature skin, baby, and even beards!

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THE petit BALM

You like THE BALM?
You'll love its small size! THE petit BALM vulva care in 15ml: still the same soft and soothing balm for the vulva, 100% natural and 100% organic.

Smaller, cuter... and that slips easily in your bag for a night out.


Our story

In 2015, Bethsabée got the idea for an intimate balm “for after sex and everyday”. She had become aware that there was a need for an organic and natural care product to appease the discomfort that can happen after sexual intercourse, or even a day in skinny jeans, or after swimming, cycling, periods, or during menopause...
When Cécilia heard about the concept of the after-sex Balm, she immediately loved the idea, and proposed starting on this great adventure of female, ethical and French entrepreneurship.

That’s how Baûbo was born! 

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The GORGEOUS Balm is a body care that can be applied without moderation on our breasts, stomach and buttocks for a refreshing and invigorating effect.
A 100% of natural origin and organic emulsion that restores shape and tone to our forms, and boosts our self-confidence!

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Baûbo commits itself!

Everything is made in France: our organic balms labeled ECOCERT, our eco-designed packs and 100% recyclable from the box to the jar...
We are part of the B CORPcompanies and donate 2% of our sales to Gynecology Without Borders.
Baûbo is committed to an economy that respects the environment as a whole: human, natural, living.

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