The balm is applied locally to the vulva at the slightest discomfort, due to sexual activity, sport, hormonal change or other!

From the start of our adventure, we conducted a survey indicating that 95% of the women questioned had already felt discomfort after lovemaking. If the vagina self-regulates and cleans itself, many factors can alter our private parts. Stress, dyes in underwear, sanitary protection, abrasive soaps, friction, illnesses... The idea is not to denounce, but to relieve vulvas in need of softness! We therefore have very good feedback from our users.

No risk !
Vulva Balm has been developed and tested under gynecological control. Based on organic virgin oils, its pH-free, preservative-free and fragrance-free formula is perfect for protecting and respecting your intimate flora.

Le Baume Vulve n'est pas un médicament, il ne remplace pas un traitement vaginal et ne traite pas spécifiquement les mycoses.

Il s'applique sur la vulve – les muqueuses extérieures, hors pathologie avérée. Si vous avez des gênes internes dans le vagin, il faut consulter un.e gynécologue.

En cas de mycose, il faut d’abord consulter, se soigner avec le traitement adéquat et une fois guérie, utiliser le Baume Vulve pour hydrater au quotidien la vulve et renforcer les muqueuses sensibles. 

p>Totally! The Balm has a very gentle formula based on coconut and calendula, perfectly suited for daily use. Finally, its formula is gynecologically tested for use without fear.

As the balm is specially formulated for the intimate mucous membranes, it can be used as a lubricant. However, like any product based on vegetable oils, Le Baume is not compatible with latex.

La formule naturelle et certifiée biologique du Baume Vulve est sans danger pour les autres parties du corps.
Néanmoins, le Baume Q a une formule dont l'efficacité est prouvée sur muqueuses anales. Son macérat d'hamamélis ainsi que le ricin qui la composent sont spécialement adaptés à la zone anale pour protéger des inconforts.

Il n’est pas normal de ressentir des brûlures lors de l’application du Baume Vulve. 

Une sensation de brûlure lors de l’usage du Baume Vulve peut révéler une pathologie non traitée, comme une mycose, par exemple. 

Un laboratoire indépendant a réalisé une évaluation de la tolérance clinique et gynécologique du Baume Vulve sur des femmes volontaires dont 50 % ayant la muqueuse génitale externe sèche et sensible. Le résultat confirme l’excellente tolérance gynécologique du Baume Vulve sur la vulve – y compris sèche et sensible.

Nous avons également fait une évaluation de la compatibilité cutanée après application unique sous pansement occlusif pendant 48 heures et le résultat confirme que le Baume Vulve est non irritant après 48 heures consécutives d'application.

Par ailleurs, la formule 100 % naturelle du Baume Vulve ne contient aucun potentiel irritant (note 100/100 sur Yuka). De plus, les huiles utilisées sont des huiles vierges non raffinées, ainsi garanties sans utilisation de produits chimiques.

Afin de déterminer si vous êtes allergique à l’un des ingrédients naturels du Baume Vulve, vous pouvez en mettre un peu dans le creux du coude et voir si une irritation survient.

The use of the balm on other parts of the body does not cause complications! Nevertheless, specially formulated for the mucous membranes, it is better to use the Baume Infini on the rest of the body.

Le Baume Vulve contient de la cire d’abeille non purifiée (cera alba), précieuse à notre sens pour sa teneur en vitamine A et ses propriétés hydratantes et protectrices, qui protègent sans obstruer les pores de la peau.

Nos soins, conformément à la législation européenne, ne sont pas testés sur les animaux.


Baume Q is applied locally to the anus at the slightest discomfort, due to sexual activity, sport, hormonal change or other!

Sure ! Baume Q has been specially formulated for the anus and its very gentle formula based on coconut and castor oil is perfectly suited to daily use. Finally, its formula is tested on the anal mucosa for use without fear.

Baume Q is not a medicine. In case of pathology, it is recommended to seek the advice of a health professional.

It all depends on the frequency of use, but a 50ml Q Balm generally lasts between 3 and 6 months.

Baume Q is applied externally only. In addition, like any product based on vegetable oils, Le Baume Q is not compatible with latex.

The Vulva Balm is specially designed for the mucous membranes of the vulva (tested under gynecological control) while the Baume Q has been tested only on the anal mucous membranes. Despite its gentle and soothing formula, we cannot guarantee the same gentleness and effectiveness of Baume Q on the vulva.
The Baume Q formula nourishes, moisturizes and repairs your anus after sex or during cases of constipation, etc. While the Vulva Balm formula nourishes, softens and soothes the vulva after lovemaking, during hormonal changes, etc. Two balms for two different needs.


The Canon Balm plumps and hydrates the forms, giving them tone and vitality using the natural benefits of plants – without synthetic preservatives or petrochemicals. It is 100% natural and 75% certified organic.

The Gorgeous Balm Toning Care contains – in very small quantities – essential oils of Sweet Orange, Amyris and Copaiba. They are not recommended for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

Ideally on clean, dry skin, massage until complete absorption of the Gorgeous Balm Toning Care on the chest, stomach (we recommend going clockwise) and buttocks. Savor the satin finish it leaves on the finest skin!


Yes, no problem. Its formula is natural, organic, and we have had good feedback on the application of the Infinite Balm on mild diaper rashes and other redness (cold nose, cheeks, etc.).

The Infinite Balm is suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile: newborns, babies, wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis... It gently relieves and moisturizes everyone!

The Infinite Balm can be applied to the face, body and hair, but it is not suitable for intimate use. Baûbo Balm is the alternative for use on mucous membranes.

As its name suggests, there are a multitude of uses: lip balm, chapped skin, rough hands and feet, mask for mature skin, dry point care, universal balm for babies, for beards... the Infinite Balm is the ally of the bathroom, to be applied without moderation!


Par sa formule ultra douce et sans savon, Le Pain Intime peut être utilisé comme soin lavant quotidien pour tous types de peaux, même les plus sensibles. Il convient également aux tout-petits, ainsi qu'aux femmes enceintes ou allaitantes.


Our formulas are ideal for breastfeeding or pregnancy. Only the Gorgeous Balm Toning Care has a very low rate of essential oils in its formula (less than 2%), generally not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

The Baûbo balms are fragrance-free and we deliberately wanted to avoid treatments with too strong, too sweet smells. Due to their organic formulas, with unrefined virgin natural oils, The Balm of Baûbo, the Q Balm Anal Care and the Infinite Balm Universal Care have a raw smell of plants, which passes quickly after application. The Gorgeous Balm Toning Care emulsion has a slight plant and citrus scent, which varies on application depending on the skin!

Our balms are 100% natural, organic, labeled COSMOS ORGANIC certified by ECOCERT Greenlife, and contain no petro-chemical agents. Moreover, we are proud to have 100/100 on the Yuka application, which pays particular attention to product quality. The materials of our balms, extracted from plants, are noble and our formulas are read in complete transparency. Our treatments are formulated without paraben, without alcohol, without perfume, without aluminum, without synthetic preservatives, without silicone, without sulphate and without GMOs!

No, our balms are not tested on animals in accordance with the requirements of the European regulations on cosmetic products. Since July 11, 2013, all cosmetic products on the European market, as well as the ingredients that compose them, must not be tested on animals.

The Balm of Baûbo, the Q Balm Anal Care and the Infinite Balm Universal Care are oily balms that contain unpurified beeswax (cera alba), which we believe is valuable for its vitamin A content and its moisturizing and protective properties , which provide long-lasting protection to the skin without clogging pores. Beeswax also cares for the epidermis and protects it. The Toning Balm, different in its formulation, is a 100% natural emulsion and does not contain beeswax or any animal substance. It is perfect for vegans.

The glass of our jars and the plastic of our caps are 100% recyclable, just throw them in the bins provided for this purpose.


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