A story of friendship, sharing, liberation

In 2015, Bethsabée, then a journalist specializing in sex, wanted an intimate balm "after love & every day", realizing that there was no healthy care product on the market to relieve the vulva, according to a sexual relations, a day in skinny jeans, menstruation, cycling… Cécilia, then sales manager, came across the concept of the Balm after love , and then suggested that she embark on the great adventure of ethical entrepreneurship.

Our mission: break taboos, respect our bodies and do good in all circumstances.
Because intimate and sexual well-being is a universal right for us. And that all parts of our body deserve the attention necessary for their development. We created our company to relieve intimate discomforts. To free speech, lift shame and taboos, and freely express what is felt, but never clearly said.

Baubo's missions

Who is BAUBO?

Baûbo the brand is inspired by the powerful and forgotten Greek figure, Baubô. His myth teaches us with joy the taste of sex... and life!

Baûbo: happiness is in the vulva

Sometimes servant, queen or even goddess, the myth of Baubô reminds us of the positive force of female sexuality, the importance of joy and the healing power of the vulva.

When Baubô meets Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and harvests, at Eleusis near Athens, the latter is in despair over the disappearance of her daughter Persephone – kidnapped by Hades. Welcomed by Baubô, the sad Demeter refuses all food and drink, leading to the drought of the whole country in her decline.

Free-spirited and full of wisdom, Baubô then whispers in Demeter's ear, then suddenly lifts his tunic, revealing his sex. Surprised, Demeter bursts out laughing, then finally agrees to drink – and in this gesture the cycle of the seasons is reborn with her.

Baubô, by his bawdy words, the secret of which will never be revealed, brings the goddess out of her torpor and restores the female balance. Since represented as a grotesque and endearing woman-vagina, a face on her chest and a vulva for her mouth, Baubô is our "sacred madwoman", ancestral healer and entertainer.
The Eleusinian Mysteries, in the temple of Demeter, will long celebrate Baubô, encouraging women to live joyfully, dance, sexually liberate themselves and face death without fear in the great cycle of life.

Inspired by this forgotten mythical figure, BAÛBO today combines seriousness and lightness to make vulvas happy, and even more: to develop women and men intimately, by doing each other good.