Le Baume Vulve de Baûbo dans le magazine Voici

BAÛBO IN THE PRESS #37: HERE IS summer 2023

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This summer, Baûbo Vulva Balm has been the best ally for your intimacy! - As evidenced by your great feedback on our review page - With the beach, the sand that irritates, the salt water of the sea and the wet swimsuit AND love on the beach, our best-seller has helped to hydrate and to protect hundreds of vulvas against these seasonal inconveniences.

For this purpose, the Vulva Balm was cited, as a summer essential, in the magazine Voici " I want the party in my underwear - This summer is it hot in the pants too? "

Vulva Balm

Vulva Balm

100% Natural & 100% Organic - Made in France - Pregnancy & breastfeeding - Tested under gynecological control

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