Revue de presse #16 : Celles qui Osent-Baûbo Paris

Press review #16: Celles qui Osent

We had the pleasure to be interviewed for Celles qui Osent, a magazine focused on women and culture.
Revue de presse #15 : J'ai piscine avec Simone-Baûbo Paris

Press review #15: J'ai piscine avec Simone

"We have created Le Baume, the first 100% organic vulva care to be applied at the slightest discomfort". Read the interview of Bethsabée in J'ai piscine avec Simone.
Revue de presse #14 : L'Info Durable-Baûbo Paris

Press review #14: L'Info Durable

Baûbo's sustainable approach is praised in this article by L'Info Durable.
Revue de presse #13 : ELLE Corps hors série-Baûbo Paris

Press review #13: ELLE Corps hors série

THE BALM of Baûbo is in pole position in this article in ELLE.
Revue de presse #12 : The Amazing Blog-Baûbo Paris

Press review #12: The Amazing Blog

Our Infinite Balm and its numerous purposes, between other things, are being recognized in this article by The Amazing Blog.
Revue de presse #11 : Ô Magazine-Baûbo Paris

Press review #11: Ô Magazine

You want to have sex everyday without any irritation or discomfort? Ô Magazine put the spotlight on Baûbo's balms in its article! 
Revue de presse #10 : Do it in Paris-Baûbo Paris

Press review #10: Do it in Paris

"How to take care of our sensitive pussies?", Do it in Paris answers this question! 
Revue de presse #9 : In Corpore Sano-Baûbo Paris

Press review #9: In Corpore Sano

The balms of Baûbo in the brand new bi-annual magazine In Corpore Sano!
Revue de presse #8 : Paulette Magazine-Baûbo Paris

Press review #8: Paulette Magazine

Paulette magazine talks about the good and organic care products... and about Baûbo, of course!