LE guide pour prendre des bonnes sexfies

THE guide to taking good sexfies

Want to take sexy photos but you don't know how to do it? Here are our best tips for taking sexfie (selfie + sexy), to send to your crush or to feel powerful!

Baûbo offers you a guide to good behavior to take your picture in sexy caliente mode!

Mirror my beautiful mirror

Yes, it's a rather simple but ideal idea to hide your face (if not super confident) and show your flesh freely. In short, the mirror, in sexfie, is (a little) life.

Trust yourself

A sexy photo only depends on self-confidence! Dress (or not) in your best underwear and say to yourself, 10 times, in front of the mirror, before starting: you're so hot, baby!

In screenshot mode from a video

Unlike photography, video increases your chances of finding your best moment because you won't be stressed by the timer. And the blur of a video capture can create real moments of grace!

Take photos of yourself (more) often

Even if you don't send them ! Getting used to your own presence is a good start to being super comfortable next time in front of the camera.

Focus on your best assets

Knowing your best side and your body is the key to a successful sexfie! If your great asset is the buttocks, the photo is taken from a... posterior point of view. In the mirror, like. Understood ?

Set the mood

Music, setting, light, decor, underwear (or not)... are details not to be forgotten. The mood will influence how you behave in front of the device. A real shoot, what!

Have fun !

This is the basis. If humor is your thing, don't get lost in overly sexy photos that don't look like you. The object of the game is to send a sexy snapshot of you. No more no less !

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