Les collab鈥 Ba没bo de l'hiver : des vulves bien au chaud 馃サ

The Ba没bo collaborations of winter: warm vulvas 馃サ

Activist, feminist, committed... The influencer who collaborates with Ba没bo is an influencer (obviously) like no other.
Re-educate your perineum easily, what do you think? Reading The Ba没bo collaborations of winter: warm vulvas 馃サ 2 minutes Next 7 signs of a bad vulva in her panties 馃敟

Did you miss them? Do you want to see them again?

Don't panic, here's a little recap of the great collaborations between Ba没bo and its influencers like no other.

We started strong with a rap performed by the talented Morgan .
With more than 1,800,000 subscribers on the networks and starring in the musical Moli猫re , @Morgan.offmusic is not shy and declares his love for our best-seller Baume Vulve .

Ba没bo is the ba-a.ba! An original way to learn about the benefits of our vulvas' favorite balm.


Morgan off music rap by Ba没bo

鈥淚 have my Ba没bo, I use it, I鈥檓 soothed, I swear all women should know that! 禄

To discover Ba没bo rap it鈥檚 馃憠 right here


Mathilde ignites the networks with her feminist and committed speeches. Today, she tells in the form of a story time without taboo her deliverance from her intimate problems thanks to the Vulva Balm .

Without patriarchy collaboration Ba没bo

鈥淭hat鈥檚 what really changed my relationship with pussy. My pussy is hydrated and nourished, that's all I can say. (...) I put it on a daily basis, I also put it on when I have my period as soon as I have a slight feeling of dryness. 禄
Discover the real thing here.


After her first speaking engagement last summer, Charlotte wanted to once again share the benefits of Baume Vulve as well as Baume Q , which has become her essential!

Charlotte collaboration Ba没bo

鈥淲e start at the base with the Vulva Balm, 100% natural and 100% organic. It will be great aftercare because it will soothe and hydrate the area, post period because we know the tightness and the vulva on fire, for menopause, my grandmother no longer goes without it [...] it solves everything problems in a natural and ethical way! 禄

鈥淭he Q Balm will moisturize and relieve tightness. 禄

His full video by clicking here .

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