7 red flags d'une vulve mal dans sa culotte

7 signs of a bad vulva in her panties 馃敟

Do you feel tingling, burning sensations or intense discomfort in the vulva? We have the solution to soothe your sore and irritated vulva.

1. Impossible to sit on a chair for more than 3 hours without itching your vulva

Having an office job has its advantages as well as its disadvantages... The part that prevents you from sitting in a chair for too long, we could do without that.

Ba没bo advice : remember to wear loose, comfortable clothes.

2. Sensation of vulva sore from the seam of pants or thong

Nothing better than wearing pretty and sexy underwear or wearing a pair of skinny pants that hug your buttocks well. to feel powerful! It becomes more complicated when the blood no longer circulates due to a seam in the pants and the vulva becomes completely congested.

3. The vulva dries before / during / after menstruation

In addition to being VHS - vaginally out of service - every month, you also have to suffer from periods of intense intimate dryness... A real pleasure of being a woman...

4. The feeling of swelling and irritation from friction after sex

For those who are embarking on a sexual marathon or who simply have - very - active sexual activity, your vulva can make you pay for it with swelling or tingling.

5. It itches and burns after applying periodic protection

Some hygienic protections may contain perfume*, causing - inevitably - feelings of discomfort in the vulva, especially during this period when the vulva is already particularly sensitive...

*According to a study by Supermarket Observation, 49% of panty liners and 33% of sanitary napkins on supermarket shelves contain perfumes.

6. It's red and hot after a pilates or elliptical session

Cycling addicts are certainly familiar with the problem of a hot and itchy vulva after a long sports session. Leggings or panties that rub against the intimate area can cause this type of inconvenience.

7. It does not smell good...

First of all, the vulva doesn't stink! No complexes to have at this level ;)

However, if you find that your private parts smell different than usual, it is necessary to consult a health professional.

Know that if your vulva is not unhappy, it calms down!

To remedy these 7 red flags, Ba没bo has developed an intimate treatment specialized in vulvar discomfort. 100% natural and 100% organic , Vulva Balm immediately moisturizes and soothes your vulvar mucous membranes.

Vulva Balm

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