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Butt care for men

The Q BALM is a 100% organic that soothes anal mucosa. Sensitivity, sports activities, daily relief: the Q BALM can be used as needed at the slightest discomfort. Its soft and effective formula, tested in laboratory, ensures an immediate comfort from the first use.


A soft and adapted formula


100% organic and 100% natural


Proven effectiveness tested in lab!

Q Balm anal care
Q Balm anal care
Q Balm anal care
Q Balm anal care
Q Balm anal care
Q Balm anal care
Q Balm anal care
Q Balm anal care
Q Balm anal care
Q Balm anal care

Q Balm anal care


Soothing and moisturizing anal care.

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The ally of your intimacy

The Q Balm anal care is a revolution in intimate care. We take your discomforts seriously with an adapted and healthy soothing balm. Toilet, sexual or sports activities: it adapts to you and your needs.

Q BALM 50ml - 45€

Daily use

The Q Balm can be used
at the slighest discomfort!

Lasts long

A jar of the Q Balm
lasts on average 6 months.

Ultra soft

This intimate care respects the most sensitive mucous membranes.

Made in France

With organic virgin oils

Tested in laboratory

95% of men satisfied and relieved

Organic certified

COSMOS ORGANIC label by Ecocert

100/100 Yuka

Ultra clean formula effective from the 1st use

Frequently asked questions

Is the Q Balm compatible with a condom?

The Balm is an oil-based treatment, so it is not compatible with latex condoms. Caresses, massages of the prostate and relief after sex or the toilets, the Q Balm is a care which accompanies you in all situation.

Why do my anus need a care?

The mucous membranes of the anus are very fragile and are easily irritated by the toilet paper, the stool (ouch the pepper or constipation), the penetration...
The Q Balm of Baûbo relieves quickly thanks to its organic vegetable oils, and ensures a soft use daily.

When should I apply the Q Balm?

The Q Balm can be applied at any time at the slightest discomfort. After the toilet, the shower, the sex... Its 100% oily formula prevents bacterial proliferation, so you can use it whenever you want, however you want! 
The Q Balm is tested on anal mucosa in laboratory for a free and safe use on our intimate parts.

A quality, ethical and eco-designed

à base d'huiles vierges

sans cochonnerie
or petrochemicals!

testé sur muqueuses anales

We wanted to keep it simple and use the natural benefits of plants without any superfluity.

Our formulas have a high concentration of active ingredients because the beneficial oils are not
"drowned" in the wax.

Beeswax is used as a stabilizer, not as a base.
This makes our balms particularly effective.

Our intimate balms are guaranteed without preservatives, alcohol, perfume, aluminum and without GMO.

The best intimate choice for yourself
and those you love.