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A new way
to live well
your pregnancy

Vulvar discomfort and dryness are not inevitable.

Baûbo has developed The Balm,
a care product particularly adapted
to pregnant women to provide lasting relief.
And The Balm is also suitable for babies!


A soft and adapted formula


100% organic and 100% natural


Gynecologically proven effectiveness!


For you and your family

The Balm of Baûbo
The Balm of Baûbo
The Balm of Baûbo
The Balm of Baûbo
Le Baume vulve-Baûbo Paris
The Balm of Baûbo
The Balm of Baûbo
The Balm of Baûbo
The Balm of Baûbo
The Balm of Baûbo
Le Baume vulve-Baûbo Paris
The Balm of Baûbo

The Balm of Baûbo


To daily hydrate, soothe and soften your vulva

The Balm is Baûbo's cult product, a healthy intimate care product that can be applied at the slightest discomfort: after sex, sports, during menstruation, menopause, during dryness and/or hormonal changes, too tight jeans...
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The ally of your pregnancy

The Balm, vulva care will accompany you throughout your new life: for massage of the perineum, as a soothing post-partum care and even to soothe
your baby's
private parts irritated by diapers.

THE BALM 50ml - 45€

Daily use

The Balm of Baûbo can be used
at the slightest discomfort!

Lasts long

A jar of The Balm lasts on average 6 months.

À tout âge 

This intimate care is also suitable for babies irritated by diapers.

Made in France

With organic virgin oils

Gynecologically tested

92% of women satisfied and relieved

Organic certified

COSMOS ORGANIC label by Ecocert

For all

Unisex and soft, suitable for all ages!

Frequently asked question

Is The Balm compatible with my baby?

The Balm is 100% natural and 100% organic, it is compatible with pregnancy, breastfeeding and
postpartum to find
comfort and intimate softness.
Its formula is so soft that it soothes even the genitals of babies and children irritated by the panties or the stool.

Does my vulva need care?

The vagina is self-living and does not need any care, products, etc.
The mucous membranes of the vulva on the other hand can be sensitive to tight clothes, sex, hormonal changes (menstruation, menopause, treatments...), heat, sand...
The Balm of Baûbo relieves thanks to its organic vegetable oils, for a soft and daily use if necessary.

Where exactly should The Balm be applied?

The Balm is applied to the external genital area (vulva) and can also be applied to the vestibule (entrance to the vagina) or the perineum.
The Balm is gynecologically tested for free and safe use on our intimate parts.

A quality, ethical and eco-designed

à base d'huiles vierges

sans cochonnerie
or petrochemicals!

convient aussi aux bébés

We wanted to make it simple and use the natural benefits of plants without any superfluous. Our formulas have a high concentration of active ingredients because the beneficial oils are not "drowned" in the wax.

Beeswax is used as a stabilizer, not as a base. This makes our balms particularly effective and quite new on the market.

The best intimate choice for yourself
and those you love.