10 conseils pour accompagner un proche touché par le cancer

10 tips for supporting a loved one affected by cancer

In France, 1 in 8 women are at risk of developing breast cancer at some point in their life. Chances are you know someone affected by breast cancer. Baûbo gives you 10 realistic tips for supporting a loved one affected by cancer.
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In France, 1 in 8 women risk developing breast cancer at some point in their life. The sad reality is that there's a good chance you know someone affected by cancer.
During these difficult times, those around her are desperately looking for the best way to support her. This is why we wanted to share with you 10 tips for supporting a loved one affected by this illness.

1. Inform yourself with reliable sources

This can help you understand the impact that cancer can have on the person concerned, particularly in terms of the physical and psychological consequences. We advise you to read testimonials on forums and on social networks to find authentic stories, such as on the Instagram accounts @cancerdusein and @liguecontrelecancer

2. Share daily tasks

Often people affected by cancer will refuse the assistance offered to them. Empathy towards their illness can sometimes be misunderstood. How can we make ourselves useful then?

The best way to get her to accept your help is to offer your assistance with specific (and tiring) daily tasks. For example, offer to shuttle between the hospital, shopping or picking up the children from school, walking the dog, etc.

3. Gifts with meaning

Show your support and love by offering her gifts related to the period : a scarf given or loaned, which she can happily return to you when she is finished with her treatments...

Or even silicon-based protective varnish. In fact, they are not reimbursed by Social Security while chemotherapy seriously attacks the nails.

4. Be present

Show your support by being there by message or by continuing to suggest outings . If your loved one is physically weakened, offer shorter visits, and graciously accept that they may be canceled at the last minute.

5. Connect her with a woman who has been through cancer

If you know another friend affected by cancer , ask them to meet. Because even if we make ourselves completely available, only those who have gone through the same trials can understand what they are going through. This will make her feel less alone.

6. Share alternative medicine addresses

To support your loved one during this period, make a list of alternative medicines that could do them good: naturopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine ... And don't neglect massages ;)

7. Host a shave head party

With her consent, plan when she will shave her hair in the presence of loved ones like a little party. This symbolic moment, unfortunately often shameful, can be transformed thanks to the joy that surrounds it and the support of those close to it.

8. Offer walks

Even when weakened, it is necessary to do a little sport, to walk. Offer walks of 30 minutes max, it always feels good.

9. Be sincere

If a discussion makes you uncomfortable or you don't know what to say, the best solution is to simply say " I don't know what to say... " rather than yet another banality which can be hurtful.

10. Distance yourself when necessary!

It is important to remember that a person under medical care is more fragile because they have less immunity . Postpone your visit and keep your distance in case of a cold or possible virus. You'll cuddle later ;)

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