6 fun fact sur le clitoris

6 fun facts about the clitoris

Baûbo has listed the 6 best anecdotes to know about the clitoris to better understand your body and your sexuality. The last one will surprise you!

What is a clitoris? 35% of French people have never seen it!

1. The clitoris is very sensitive.

The clitoris is the most sensitive organ in the human body. It has 10,000 nerve endings unlike the penis which only has 6000.
Do you know what it means ? More nerve endings = more sensation = more pleasure!

2. The clitoris is not just for pleasure

According to a study published by the journal Clinical Anatomy in 2019, demonstrates that stimulation of the clitoris activates certain areas of the brain and causes a series of changes in the female genital organs : increased vaginal blood flow, lubrication, oxygen, vaginal temperature and a change in position of the cervix, favoring... fertilization.

3. It can be long... very long!

The clitoris can measure up to 12 cm ! Its hood is only the tip of the iceberg of the internal part... Which means that there is no such thing as a vaginal or clitoral orgasm. All orgasms are clitoral , even if we feel them internally.

4. It grows until we die

The clitoris is an organ that continues to grow. It can quadruple during our lifetime.

5. He's hard like a penis

Just like the penis, the clitoris includes corpora cavernosa which swell with blood during stimulation. The corpora cavernosa then close the veins which ensure the evacuation of blood. Which results in an erection of the clitoris , engorged with blood.

6. Passed under the radar until 2017

The clitoris is named for the first time in French school textbooks in 2017 . And again, not in all! Today, 5 out of 7 publishers represent the clitoris in their SVT books.

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