L’Inconfort vulvaire et l’histoire d’une start-up parisienne qui met fin à ce calvaire avec un produit bio et naturel

Intimate discomfort: how two friends found the magic solution with organic Vulva Balm

Discover the story behind this unique French treatment, 100% natural and 100% organic.
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Paulette Magazine talks about Baûbo

Vulvar itching affects us all at least once in our lives.

Who has never felt an itchy vulva after shaving, after a day in a tight thong or after making love? In addition to these everyday situations, there are also hormonal factors that weaken the mucous membranes. Have you ever felt uncomfortable during your period, during pregnancy or during menopause? Common situations that all women experience, without really wondering about intimate discomforts that have become habitual.

76% of women suffer from vulvar pain regularly*

* According to Mal à la vulve, the largest French study on vulvar pain carried out by Baûbo and Vulvae in 2020 (e.g. Medfem)

Bethsabée Krivoshey and Cécilia Capece decided to take up the challenge in 2015 , seeking to resolve this taboo issue. This is how the Baûbo adventure begins!

Two women who revolutionize intimate taboos

Faced with this concrete problem, they took on the crazy challenge of creating an intimate balm – a real challenge because no one was ready to hear about a specialized balm for an area as sensitive as the vulva.

Bathsheba and Cécilia the founders of Baûbo

Bethsabée Krivoshey , formerly a journalist specializing in sex, and Cécilia Capece , then commercial director, put their abilities and their requirements into a unique and unique treatment, 100% natural and 100% organic, with recycled glass packaging and eco-designed to lead to their revolutionary Vulvar Balm project.

2019: Baûbo Vulva Balm finally on the market!

Gynecologically tested , Vulva Balm quickly became Baûbo’s favorite emblem ! First known thanks to word of mouth and the spontaneous recommendation of influencers ( eternal gratitude to Camille from Je M'en Bats le Clito ), this effective treatment has saved many vulvas today!
Also, the Baûbo community is its strength: testimonials from satisfied customers have started to emerge on our site but also under our publications.

Baûbo review
Baûbo review

Thanks to these testimonies, we realized that not only young women but also mature women, children, babies and men needed intimate care that lastingly moisturizes the mucous membranes without compromising its composition.

Since then, Baûbo has come a long way... Until it was displayed on the walls of the Paris metro in FEBRUARY last !

What we are extremely proud of

Since our launch, we have donated 2% of our sales to Gynecology Without Borders , and particularly to the CamiFrance mission, which is committed to the medico-psycho-social care of women in exile and in very precarious situations throughout the world. France.⁠

The support includes 3 areas: pregnant women, victims of violence against women and gynecological care in a humanitarian environment.

Gynecology without borders photo in the field in Nantes

Organic and natural are so good!

The Vulva Balm must be effective (obviously) but also organic and natural.
For us, being organic is the basis . Not the goal. We couldn't imagine applying processed chemicals to such a sensitive part as the vulva. This is why Vulva Balm has a formula based on pure, organic & unrefined oils, flower macerate and organic beeswax . Ingredients carefully selected for their benefits and their great effectiveness, which allows the balm to be applied daily with your eyes closed.
Our range of treatments is COSMOS ORGANIC certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard, the most demanding organic label in Europe!

A unique and ethical Vulva Balm

You will have understood: Baûbo is a deeply committed brand. Offering clean, made in France, organic treatments, with packs without glue and without plastic, this implies more expensive costs in order to have a lower ecological footprint . From the beginning and until today, we still remain aligned with its fundamental values. No development at the expense of the planet or the intimate health of women.
So, are you ready to test unparalleled intimate comfort with Vulva Balm ?

Baûbo Vulva Balm soothing treatment for the mucous membranes of the vulva
Baûbo Vulva Balm - Natural Intimate Hydration

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