8 tabous du post-partum par Baûbo

8 postpartum taboos

Baûbo lifts postpartum taboos!
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1. Layers 👶

You don't expect it at first and yet: in the maternity ward, it's a diaper for baby and... a diaper for mom.

2. The trenches

These Uterine contractions which most often occur during feeding are aptly named. Ouch the pain! Certainly necessary for the tightening of the uterus, the worst is that they intensify over the course of childbirth...

3. Milk coming in 🍼

Breasts swollen and hard as iron... it hurts a lot. The surge of milk, when it is not expected, explodes the cup of the bra... RIP the tits from before.

4. The feeling of emptiness

Not all women feel it as strongly, but a stomach as soft as marshmallow and empty as an old sack, it's a real blow to morale.

5. Sexual sensations 👉 👌

Yes, the pleasure can take time to return. Sometimes we're still sore. Other times, you just have to wait for everything to fall back into place... In the end, you can experience even stronger orgasms after giving birth than before: all is not lost, promise!

6. Bleeding 🩸

For some, it lasts a few days. For others, it can last a few (long) months. Yes, life is unfair.

7. The bitching 💧

Because we are proud to be a mother; because we feel like we're useless as a mother. Because we are not surrounded enough; because we are too surrounded... In short, tears are very easy because our hormones are in free fall.

8. Leaks 💦

Those in your pants when you laugh or sneeze + those in your t-shirt when you have too much milk + those of your baby in his full diaper = a maximum of fluids. You might as well let go and have a laugh while waiting for your perineal rehabilitation appointment!

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