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Podcast: listen to the founders of Baûbo talk about the beginnings of the brand, feminism, natural beauty and their commitments.

We have often been invited to talk about Baûbo in various podcasts.

This is an opportunity to share them with you, so that you can listen (in French) to Bethsabée & Cécilia, the founders, talk about the beginnings of Baûbo, the development and the values of the brand.

Feminism, natural cosmetics, commitment: many topics are discussed, with great hosts, also committed to create a new word in beauty, entrepreneurship or sexuality.

We hope you'll like it :)

Listen to Baûbo in Holi Brand, the podcast of the awake marked

Listen to Baûbo in TalQ, the podcast for female Sextech entrepreneurs

Listen to Baûbo in Parlons B, the podcast about beauty, well-being and plan B.

And also: a tale that tells the story of Baubô, the mysterious goddess who inspired us in the name of our brand :)

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