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Podcast: listen to the founders of Baûbo talk about the beginnings of the brand, feminism, natural beauty and their commitments.
Revue de presse #16 : Celles qui Osent-Baûbo Paris

Press review #16: Celles qui Osent

We had the pleasure to be interviewed for Celles qui Osent, a magazine focused on women and culture.
Revue de presse #15 : J'ai piscine avec Simone-Baûbo Paris

Press review #15: J'ai piscine avec Simone

"We have created Le Baume, the first 100% organic vulva care to be applied at the slightest discomfort". Read the interview of Bethsabée in J'ai piscine avec Simone.
L'interview de Bethsabée pour Cuemars !-Baûbo Paris

Bethsabée's interview for Cuemars!

Discover Bethsabée's interview by Cuemars, an amazing concept store in London!
Revue de presse #6 : L'Arrogante Mag-Baûbo Paris

Press review #6: L'Arrogante Mag

Feminism, intimate care, women entrepreneurship, vulva, maternity, commitment... We could confidently talk about every topic close to our hearts!
Revue de presse #3 : l'interview Baûbo dans ELLE !-Baûbo Paris

Press review #3 : Baûbo's interview in ELLE!

Discover the entire interview of one of Baûbo's founders, Bethsabée Krivoshey...