TOP 6 des faux amis de la vulve en été

TOP 6 your vulva false friends in summer

Vacations are certainly a wave of freedom, but sometimes it gets complicated. Especially for your vulva!

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1 ) The sand, salt and wet swimsuit combo

Shellfish & crustaceans, we sing in lazy mode on the beach, just to forget the dullness that depresses us for 10 months a year. If being a beached mermaid is the best for your morale, unfortunately, the wet towel-sea-sand-towel trips are far from being the best your vulva has ever known. If on top of that you have your period and you have trouble finding a toilet to change or you are forced to wear your bikini from morning to night, hello chafing... and welcome the fungus!

2 ) Sex on the beach

Vacations are certainly a bowl of freedom, but sometimes it gets complicated when you share a duplex with 5 friends and your current flirt... But believe us, sex on the beach is a lot less glamorous than the name suggests. Have you ever noticed that the sand gets in absolutely everywhere? Here it is.

3 ) Aperitifs again and again

Probably the prelude to sex on the beach... the summer booze, with rosé to go with the sunset and beer because it's more hydrating than water, captain. Yeah. We often forget that the body considers alcohol as a toxin: once the party is over, it's up to the body to clean up and evacuate. If your body - your liver in particular - is overloaded, it may interfere with your hormones and this will pay off in the fall: hello acne, PMS and severe period pains (not cool with the new tan).

4 ) Sports activities

Biking, hiking, we were waiting for this, for escapades in the middle of the mountains, the calm of nature, a healthy routine for August. But here's the thing: sports clothes are not really friends of the vulva: cyclist, tight leggings, lycra... Repeated rubbing + heat = irritation, both on the thighs and in the intimacy.

5 ) Hair removal

We spend our lives waging war on pubic hair, yet nature is well done: it protects our intimacy from bacteria and impurities. Depilated skin is more fragile because it is often irritated, especially since friction, prolonged direct contact with perspiration, and textiles that are not always very healthy can lead to fungal infections and the like. How about a 70's revival?

6 ) Be a planner on legs

As if the mental load and stress were something that only existed at home or at work! Shopping, eating out, visiting the local heritage... We often find ourselves taking care of everything, even on vacation. And if we are stressed... Our vulva is too!

Then, which solutions?

Knowing a little about the risks is already a first step towards a happy vulva. And a good coat of The Balm is even better. ❤️

Article written with Circles, the brand that offers 100% natural solutions based on plants and minerals to relieve menstrual disorders: PMS, acne, painful periods... Circles cures attack the source of a whole bunch of symptoms, from fatigue to hair loss, sore breasts to bloating... But balancing hormones also means giving a boost to your libido, limiting the risk of irritation, dryness, recurring fungal infections!

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