Octobre rose : l'auto-papaltion en 5 étapes

How to self-palpate your breasts?

It's time to check your breasts! Baûbo gives you the keys to self-palpation simply and effectively in 5 steps.

In France, 1 in 8 women risk developing breast cancer at some point in their life. The good news is that it is possible to detect it at an early stage, with a 99% survival rate !
The other good news is that you can spot an anomaly independently with a check-up every month.
Here are the 5 steps to follow for a clear and effective self-palpation:

1. First one! 👆

step 1 self-palpation

Stand up straight and look at your breasts in a mirror to check that there is nothing abnormal about them compared to usual: size, shape, skin texture, redness, etc.
It is strongly recommended to
carry out the self-palpation outside of the menstrual period.

2. It's time to touch each other 🖐

step 2 self-palpation

Using your 3 fingers , make circular movements from the outside to the inside, covering the entire breast. Use the hand opposite the breast you are examining. Don't forget the axillary area , located between the breast and the armpit.

3. But what are we actually looking for? 👀

step 3 self-palpation

You are looking for an abnormality, such as a hard lump that does not move and does not have the sensation of a lymph node. Don't panic if you find something fishy, ​​but consult a health professional as soon as possible .

4. Last but not least! 💪

step 4 self-palpation

Pinch your nipples to check that no fluid is coming out, such as blood or clear fluid. Otherwise, notify a health professional.

5. Don't fall asleep 😴

step 5 self-palpation

Repeat this palpation step by step, but this time in a lying position. If you do it on your bed... be careful about falling asleep.

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