Les hommes sont-ils mieux que les femmes face au cancer ?

Men treated better than women when it comes to cancer?

According to the British medical journal The Lancet, “a feminist approach” to cancer would save 800,000 women per year!

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We don't make the suspense last any longer. Yes, men have better access to medical care AND better access to early cancer diagnosis compared to women worldwide.
According to the British medical journal The Lancet , each year approximately 2 to 3 million women die prematurely from cancer . Just that…

But why are women treated less well than men when it comes to cancer?

According to The Lancet , patriarchal society has direct repercussions on the treatment of cancers in women.
With research carried out in more than 187 countries, the study published in The Lancet states that access to cancer care and treatment among women is not a priority due to "lack of education, lack of autonomy in work and in decision-making power, in patriarchal societies. »

Rest assured, women are taken seriously when it comes to cancer says “feminine » that is to say in connection with the maternal reproductive role - cervical cancer and breast cancer - which is the leading cause of death among women. As a reminder in France, 1 in 8 women risk developing breast cancer at some point in their life . An argument which seems to justify this treatment of cancer, yet to the detriment of other cancers that are even more deadly for women, such as lung cancer or colorectal cancers .

However, the study states that it is not a “coincidence that research is still insufficient on the causes of breast cancer ". Indeed, this is (again) explained by the patriarchal bias that dominates cancer care , research and policy-making.

If the paradigm were reversed with a more “feminist” approach to cancer, we would save up to 800,000 women per year!

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