Métro, boulot, Baûbo ! Découvrez notre campagne parisienne

Subway, work, Baûbo! Discover our Parisian campaign

Thursday, February 2, 2023, Baûbo was displayed in the underground of the Parisian metropolitan.
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We've taken over Paris underground!

Thursday, February 2, 2023, Baûbo was displayed... in the underground of Paris! 👀 🚇

      • 120 stations presenting The Balm and its virtues!⁠
      • 7 days to see VULVA in large on 12m2! 🍑⁠
      • A week to celebrate and raise awareness of our⁠ best-seller “What, a care for that exist?! But⁠ yes! 🎉⁠

... How far we've come since our 1st ⁠crowdfunding, working together like crazy, imagining new products, a cool site, and the⁠ best formulas for your dear vulvas and your⁠ sensitive skins… ⁠

The Balm would be nothing without YOU, your support, your⁠ feedback, your uses, your opinions, your encouragement, and⁠ your loyalty from the beginning. So a thousand thanks!⁠🥰

How about we do it again?

One more week, Baûbo is still displayed!

From February 14, 2023, meet us (again) at Opéra station!
So look up and feel free to show us on social media :)

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