La libido, c’est quoi exactement ? entretien avec claire alquier, photo couple main sur torse

Libido, what is it exactly?

Interview with Claire Alquier, sexologist and couple therapist in Paris, to discuss the problems of libido and desire that can be encountered on a daily basis.
Les collab' Baûbo du printemps : The Ginger Chloé, Je suis une sorcière...

Spring Baûbo collaborations: The Ginger Chloé, I am a witch...

Activist, feminist, committed... The influencer who collaborates with Baûbo is an influencer (necessarily) like no other.
Nos engagements pour un monde meilleur avec B Corp 🌍

Our commitments for a better world with B Corp 🌍

One company alone can have a really big impact. That's why we're proud to be part of a growing global movement, with over 6,000 B Corps worldwide... and counting!
Le Baume approuvé par les pro de la Santé !

The balm approved by health professionals!

Baûbo's The Balm , gynecologically tested, is recommended as daily care by several gynecologists, sexologists, physiotherapists specialized in perineal rehabilitation...
Métro, boulot, Baûbo ! Découvrez notre campagne parisienne

Subway, work, Baûbo! Discover our Parisian campaign

Thursday, February 2, 2023, Baûbo was displayed in the underground of the Parisian metropolitan.
À vos seins ! C'est la semaine mondiale de l'allaitement🥛

To your breasts! It's World Breastfeeding Week🥛

October 18-22 is World Breastfeeding Week. Why does it exist and why does Baubo talk about it?
Les 10 commandements d’une vulve heureuse

The 10 commandments of a happy vulva

Want to feel great in your panties? Discover our advice to take care of our vulvas, sometimes delicate.
TOP 6 des faux amis de la vulve en été

TOP 6 your vulva false friends in summer

Vacations are certainly a wave of freedom, but sometimes it gets complicated. Especially for your vulva!
BAÛBO intègre le programme FemTech de la STATION F !

BAÛBO joins the FemTech program of STATION F!

Baûbo is proud to have been selected to join the FemTech program of STATION F! 👊🎉💜