8 façons de s'inspirer & de s'engager dans le féminise

8 ways to get inspired & get involved for March 8

Feminist readings, good films, demonstrations, activist podcasts and great accounts to follow: our 8 ways to get inspired & get involved for March 8.
Le Baume Vulve de Baûbo dans le magazine féminin stylist

BAÛBO in Stylist: “Do you really need to moisturize your lower lips?”

Vulva Balm has once again caused a sensation, this time it was the women's magazine Stylist which focused on its effectiveness in lastingly hydrating the vulvar mucous membranes.
L’Inconfort vulvaire et l’histoire d’une start-up parisienne qui met fin à ce calvaire avec un produit bio et naturel

Intimate discomfort: how two friends found the magic solution with organic Vulva Balm

Discover the story behind this unique French treatment, 100% natural and 100% organic.
Fizimed la solution pour muscler son périnée

Re-educate your perineum easily, what do you think?

1 in 3 women experience perineum problems.
Les hommes sont-ils mieux que les femmes face au cancer ?

Men treated better than women when it comes to cancer?

According to the British medical journal The Lancet, “a feminist approach” to cancer would save 800,000 women per year!
L'anniversaire des 4 ans de Baûbo en images

Baûbo’s 4th anniversary is worth celebrating!

Discover the best-of from the 4th anniversary party of Baûbo, the intimate care brand and more!
La libido, c’est quoi exactement ? entretien avec claire alquier, photo couple main sur torse

Focus on libido: Baûbo’s sex interview

Interview with Claire Alquier, sexologist and couple therapist in Paris, to discuss the problems of libido and desire that can be encountered on a daily basis.
Les collab' Baûbo du printemps : The Ginger Chloé, Je suis une sorcière...

Spring Baûbo collaborations: The Ginger Chloé, I am a witch...

Activist, feminist, committed... The influencer who collaborates with Baûbo is an influencer (necessarily) like no other.
Nos engagements pour un monde meilleur avec B Corp 🌍

Our commitments for a better world with B Corp 🌍

One company alone can have a really big impact. That's why we're proud to be part of a growing global movement, with over 6,000 B Corps worldwide... and counting!