Les collab' Baûbo du printemps : The Ginger Chloé, Je suis une sorcière...

Spring Baûbo collaborations: The Ginger Chloé, I am a witch...

Activist, feminist, committed... The influencer who collaborates with Baûbo is an influencer (necessarily) like no other.

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Have you seen them? Did you miss them? Don't panic, here is a little recap of the great collaborations between Baûbo and influencers like no other.


"Let's go to talk without taboos, from girlfriend to girlfriend, you'll understand, we're going to talk about vulva today. (...) It concerns us all. I think we've all experienced discomfort at this level at least once. »

Committed to feminism and body positivism, @TheGingerChloé has raised taboos against her community of more than 710,000 people on her social networks!

The Ginger Chloé Baubo
Like thousands of users, The Vulva Balm allowed her to regain immediate intimate comfort. Ideal during hormonal changes, irritations and daily or occasional itching after lovemaking or every day!


Amal Tahir Baubo

Accustomed to talking about sexuality on her social networks, Amal Tahir talks about the benefits of Vulva Balm with her look as a former midwife. Admitting that she is largely affected by periods of dryness after her period, before and after lovemaking, Le Baume Vulva seems to her to be the best solution against vulvar discomfort.


In the form of a story time , Alice Pfältzer , alias @je.suis.une.sorcière on social networks, explains to us how she welcomed the project of this unusual collaboration. At first reluctant to talk about intimate care, the author admits her prejudices about the creation of Baume Vulva . Once tested, however, Alice can no longer do without it to moisturize her vulva when she encounters discomfort, especially during her period.

I am a Baubo witch

“I test this balm and then it works, instantly ! »


We're going to talk about the vulva, because it's important. I have a return on a product that I loved with full transparency. I have been testing the product for several months now, 7 months. »

kenzablkn Baubo

Accustomed to sharing her hair routines for her magnificent curly hair, Kenza wanted to talk about the Vulva Balm once tested.
Vulvar itching and irritation were his daily life before using the cult intimate care product.


“After months of struggling to find an effective product, it's the only one that had an immediate soothing effect, a real relief. »

Lifestyle influencer, Julie shares her latest discovery, Le Baume Vulva , her best natural and organic alternative for her vulvar discomfort.

Julie Compigne Baubo


Baûbo is proud to be associated with these women who are not afraid to break taboos while transparently sharing their experience of our intimate care products. A big thank you to them!

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