Act with Gynecology Without Borders

2% of your purchases donated
We wanted to do more for the well-being of women on the planet.
Since 1995, the association Gynecology Without Borders has been working for women's health, with the aim of respecting human dignity and promoting women's health throughout the world. The problems addressed by these midwives, doctors and nurses relate to perinatality, medical suffering, domestic and sexual violence, discrimination and the status of women in society.
For each BAÛBO balm purchased, 2% is donated to Gynecology Without Borders.

The CAMIFRANCE mission
The 2% of your purchases that we donate finance the CamiFrance mission.
As an extension of the Caminor mission (CAmps MIgrants du NORd), from 2015 to 2018, CamiFrance is the medico-psycho-social care of women in exile and/or in very precarious situations throughout France. GSF volunteers strive, in this mission, to “take care” of exiled women.
The care includes 3 areas: pregnant women, victims of violence against women and gynecological care in a humanitarian environment. It operates globally with, of course, the provision of primary care; but also “taking care” of it through the presence, the empathic accompaniment of women. Added to this is a 4th area: the care of children and unaccompanied minors (MNA).

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