Packaging without polluting

At BAÛBO, we align our materials and production methods with our ecological commitments.

Our jars
Our 50ml balms are contained in the world's first cosmetic jar made from 90% recycled glass (75% post-consumer, 15% post-production), and its production represents 36% less CO2 emissions than a jar traditional glass.
Thanks to its dark color, our formulas are 99% protected from ultraviolet rays; our balms perfectly retain their beneficial virtues while respecting

Our corks
Our caps are made from post-industrial recycled plastic and the Balm Canon lids are made from “green” plant-based plastic.
The jar, lid and lid of all our balms are 100% recyclable.

Our cases
BAÛBO balm cases are made of FSC-certified paper and entirely designed to have a minimum impact on the planet: without glue, without lamination or transparent plastic film, for more natural materials and easier recycling.

The parcels
Our packages are 80% FSC recycled cardboard, reusable and 100% recyclable.

Our values