6 choses à normaliser au lit

6 things to normalize in bed (part 1)

Baûbo removes the prejudices of somewhat shameful things that happen to ALL of us in bed .

1. Body odor 👃

Vaginal odor and sweat odor are normal .

Be aware that the vagina has a specific odor due to its natural acidic environment, which eliminates unwanted bacteria and viruses. Remember that body odor is the unique signature of the loved one or desired one. And that the vulva is not a vanilla flower...

2. Sex toys and lubricant 🍆

Using sex toys and lube during sex does not make you obsessed/perverted/unsatisfied. But rather curiosities quite comfortable in their own skin!

It's healthy to want to explore and diversify your relationships (especially if it will help you have an orgasm).

3. Noises 👂

Making noise during lovemaking, whether simulated or not, allows you to show that you are having pleasure even if you do not have an orgasm – and helps you let go to reach orgasm, in fact. The cliché is that it is often women who make the noise... However, moaning is also liberating for men ! So express yourself.

4. Breaks during sex 💤

Tired thighs, cramps, shortness of breath after a rhythmic or intense position, thirst... Dare to ask your partner for a break . There is nothing more normal than wanting to fully and comfortably enjoy sexual intercourse.

5. The famous breakdown

Sexual breakdown happens to everyone so why be ashamed of it?

Stress or sadness, fatigue or alcohol, mood plays a role in the quality of erections, but fortunately, sex itself is a great way to de-stress! ( see read: Feed your libido, our 6 ultra-concrete tips !)

6. The vulva that heats up 🔥

According to the Mal à la vulva study carried out by Baûbo and Vulvae , 84% of women say that their vulvar pain occurs after sex and 91% say they have pain due to penetration.

Let's normalize this vulvar reality without shame, and take it into account gently to reduce the tingling and irritation linked to sex with Le Baume Vulve.

Vulva Balm against irritation of the vulva

The Vulva Balm accompanies you after sex and every day, to soothe your vulva during sensations of discomfort. 100% natural and 100% organic , its formula composed of carefully selected ingredients allows you to apply it without moderation on sensitive vulvas from 0 to 99 years old!

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