Ely Killeuse, La Vie En Lucie, Marie De Brauer parlent de Baûbo

The Baûbo collabs of summer 2023: Ely Killeuse, La Vie En Lucie, Marie De Brauer...

Activist, feminist, committed... The influencer who collaborates with Baûbo is an influencer (obviously) like no other.
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Did you miss them? Do you want to see them again?
Don't panic, here's a little recap of the great collaborations between
Baûbo and these influencers like no other.


Ely Killeuse talks about Baume Vulva and Intimate Pain from Baûbo

There are plenty of reasons to use Le Baume Vulve , friction from clothing, episiotomy, sport, irritation after hair removal. I speak with knowledge of the facts since I dealt with a new beautician and I don't know why I have lots of little irritating spots that rub against the elastic of the panties. It's hell! [...] There we have something to save our vulvas! »

 Intimate Pain was designed with gynecologists, it is suitable for mucous membranes and sensitive skin, that is to say you can use it for intimate hygiene, you can use it for the whole body. It is another product that reduces the sensations of discomfort that we can feel in our vulva, our anus and even your penis. »


Life in Lucie Talks about Baûbo Vulva Balm

Lucie, aka@l avieenlucie can no longer do without Vulva Balm , she is talking about it on her networks for the second time!

 For example, I'm at the end of my period and always at this time I have discomfort in my vulva, it burns. » 


Marie De Brauer talks about Baûbo Vulva Balm

Marie De Brauer and Tchikita her little cat (we're talking about her cat 🐱), tell us for the second time about Vulva Balm , its essential to apply after the shower. Le Pain Intime , the new soap-free intimate hygiene treatment which regulates the intimate flora with its acidic pH 5.8, is its new favorite for cleaning its intimacy without compromise.

I've been using it for 6 months, I love it! (...) With Le Pain Intime by Baûbo here is a soap-free hygiene treatment with a pH that regulates the intimate flora. »


Angélina - Gigilust talks about Baûbo Vulva Balm

Angélina, aka Gigi, raises preconceived ideas about vulvas. Baûbo Vulva Balm has become her must-have since she started using it:
“I use Le Baume from Baûbo. A 100% organic and natural intimate care product. It's really the best of the best that I have found to soothe, soften and moisturize my vulva. »


Enzo and Charlotte talk about Baume Vulve and Baume Q from Baûbo

After hearing about Baumes de Baûbo onThe Ginger Chloé 's Instagram account ( see: The Baûbo collabs of spring ), Charlotte contacted Baûbo to talk in turn about Baume Vulve , the moisturizing and soothing treatment for the mucous membranes of the vulva, and Balm Q , the no-taboo intimate treatment that softens and moisturizes the anus.

It’s time to tell you about my essential that slipped into my suitcase! » “Today we are meeting for a generally taboo subject , vulvar and anal discomfort. [...] This Balm is used on women or children because diapers are also irritating! »


Ovares the Rainbow talks about Baûbo

Activist for the feminist and LGBT+ cause, Capucine aka Ovaires The Rainbow, wanted to accompany us to create an Instagram post on the taboo of vulvar pain to be found on our Instagram account @bauboparis .

“Baûbo sent me this balm to soothe the discomfort of the vulva , it’s a 100% French brand, made in France so we already love it. And what I like is that Baûbo follows through on its approach [...] the pots are very beautiful and are made of glass and recycled plastic...[...] the balms are fragrance-free, paraben-free, alcohol, the best for your privacy. »

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