Apaiser les irritations après l'amour, c'est possible

Soothe irritations after love, it's possible

Our gynecological study shows that 86.5% of women find Le Baume de Baûbo soothing after sex.
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In 2020, Baûbo conducted with Vulvae (ex-Medfem) the largest French study on vulvar pain, Mal à la vulva?* and here are the most significant results in terms of sexuality and intimacy :

  • 99% of women surveyed have already experienced sexual discomfort / pain
  • 76% suffer from it regularly, even frequently.
  • 84% of pain occurs after sex
  • 91% of pain is related to penetration
  • 66% see their sex life and libido affected
  • 71% say it affects their daily well-being
It is primarily to calm these discomforts after love that Baûbo created the 1st soothing treatment for the vulva. With the mission, from the start, to take these discomforts seriously and reduce them with organic, natural and adapted vulva care.

We have carried out dermatological and gynecological tests, with more than satisfactory results which attest to the great effectiveness of the Balm:
  • 89.5% find Le Baume soothing daily
  • 86.5% find it soothing after sex
  • 95% find comfort in the vulva
  • 84% feel immediate relief

The Balm is 100% organic certified COSMOS Organic and 100% natural based on virgin oils. Made in France, co-designed in recycled glass, it is suitable for all types of vulvas, and what's more... It's unisex!

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*Study "Evil in the vulva", study conducted by Baûbo and Medfem in Oct-Dec 2020 on a sample of 1835 people.

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