Pour hydrater les vulves sèches, c'est par ici !

To hydrate dry vulvas, it's here!

Vulvar discomfort and dryness are not inevitable. With The Balm of Baûbo, it's the end of it!

Free from taboo!
Vulvar discomfort and dryness are not inevitable. Hormonal changes, fragility of the mucous membranes, sexual intercourse or sports activities: our vulva can suffer from daily or periodic friction and dryness which can be truly disturbing.

This is why Baûbo created The Balm, the 1st gentle intimate care for daily use for yourself and for those you love, since it is suitable for everyone and at all ages!

Why would my vulva need treatment?
The vagina is self-cleaning and does not need care, products, etc.
The mucous membranes of the vulva, on the other hand, can be sensitive to tight tissues, to sex, to hormonal changes (periods, menopause), to heat, to chlorine, to the saddle of the bicycle, to hair removal...
Baûbo's The Balm soothes thanks to its 100% natural formula and 100% organic vegetable oils.

Where exactly is The Balm applied?
The Balm is applied to the external genitalia (the vulva) and it can also be applied to the vestibule (the entrance to the vagina) or the perineum. The Balm is gynecologically tested for free and confident use on our private parts. Our formulas have a high concentration of active ingredients because the beneficial oils are not "drowned" in the wax. Beeswax is used as a stabilizer, not as a base. This makes our balms particularly effective.

Gynecologically proven efficacy
With The Balm of Baûbo, 92% of women are satisfied & soothed!
Gynecological tests carried out by an independent laboratory attest to this:

95% of women affirm that The Balm leaves the vulva hydrated and 91% declare that The Balm prevents the external mucous membranes from drying out.
Find here all the results of our gynecological study.

An ultra-clean formula
Our intimate balms are guaranteed free of preservatives, alcohol, fragrance, aluminium, GMOs and endocrine disruptors. The best intimate choice for yourself and those you love.

Is The Balm suitable for sensitive vulvas?
The Balm is 100% natural and 100% organic, and dermatologically and gynecologically tested. It delights dry and sensitive vulvas which find comfort and relief.

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