La vérité sur le sexe pendant la grossesse

Things to know about sex during pregnancy

False beliefs and prejudices, a brief overview of our truths about sex during pregnancy. And for added softness during pregnancy, Vulva Balm moisturizes your intimate area in times of dryness or discomfort. ⁠
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The truth about sex during pregnancy

Sex does not increase risk of miscarriage

There is a false belief that sexual intercourse can lead to miscarriage. From a medical point of view, there is no risk of having an active sex life when you are pregnant – whatever the term , by the way.

Orgasm does not trigger labor

Although orgasm causes uterine contractions, these do not cause premature labor in non-pathological pregnancies. Indeed, during penetration, the penis cannot crack the water bag, thanks to the mucous plug that closes the cervix.

No risk for the baby

Many people mistakenly believe that sexual intercourse can harm the baby or cause complications. In reality, there is no no risk for the baby because it is protected by the amniotic cavity. In short, no, it doesn’t “touch” the head!

Pregnancy does not (necessarily) reduce pleasure

A pregnant woman's sexual desire evolves due to her hormonal and physical changes. It is obvious that the sensations change but do not necessarily diminish during intercourse. Also, it is an opportunity to change our habits and find new things that we like.

We can do whatever position we want

Despite the wacky sex positions, there is no risk of hurting baby. There are no prohibited positions . The only recommendation for maximum pleasure is to find a position in which you are comfortable.

Irritations are common

The significant increase in hormones during pregnancy leads to a fragility of the vaginal wall that is more prone to irritation and infections.

Vulva Balm

To protect your vulva, the first SOS action to take: coat yourself with Vulva Balm , 100% natural and 100% organic , obviously compatible with pregnancy.

Also, in the case of hemorrhoids - constipation - temporary during the period of pregnancy you can also soften your toilet breaks with Balm Q , a gynecologically tested anal treatment, to apply in a thin layer to the walls of the anus.

If the subject of hormonal fluctuations interests you, we advise you to read our blog article on the link between hormonal and intimate dryness.

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