Faire monter le désir par des baisers

5 kisses that make desire rise

Want to raise the temperature but are lacking inspiration? Discover 5 foolproof kissing techniques to increase desire.

5 kisses that make desire rise

The strong kiss

It's like a smack, but better: the strong kiss , as its name suggests, it's a sluggish smack, a smack with a little weight to support all the love we have for our loved one partner. A great introduction, much less cutesy than a little CM2 smack!

The French Kiss

An integral part of French heritage, the French Kiss is THE best-known kiss in the world for a good reason. Its efficiency ! The golden rule of French Kiss is to go gradually with the tongue . Don't panic about the direction of the tongue, see it as a dance and the kiss will become perfect since it is built together.

The kiss on horseback

Here, we only focus on one part of the lip : preferably the upper one (more sensitive). Slide it between your lips , then bite and then gently move your face back. Look him in the eyes to increase desire... Alternate with a French Kiss... let 's go to seventh heaven!

Kiss him everywhere

Once you have passed the French Kiss stage and want to take it to another dimension, opt for full- body kisses . Nothing could be simpler, just kiss everywhere and target the erogenous zones - neck, inner thighs, kidneys, lower stomach, breasts... Do you want even more? Stick out your tongue and teeth ;)

The kiss-lobe

The earlobe is a particularly sensitive area . To excite your partner, suck and nibble their earlobe to make them shudder with desire. But be careful! If you bite it too hard , watch out for a turnaround. This could end up at the Asshole Hotel .

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