Les risques de la pratique des douches vaginales

The risks associated with douching.

Often presented as a method to feel fresh and clean, vaginal douching is a dangerous practice for women's intimate health. Baûbo reveals the main risks of this practice.  

The risks associated with douching

What is a vaginal douche?

A vaginal douche consists of cleaning the inside of the vagina with water , soap, antiseptic products, or using a specific device such as an enema bulb.

The ideas received

To avoid getting pregnant : Some women perform vaginal douches, wrongly thinking of reducing the concentration of sperm.

To mask odors: It is normal and natural for the vagina to have a slight odor. On the contrary, an internal enema can lead to an imbalance in the vaginal flora and therefore... a stronger odor than normal.

The imbalance of the vaginal flora

Douching can change the naturally acidic pH of the vagina . There are bacteria in the vagina that maintain the pH below 7, thus limiting vaginal infections, cystitis, and STIs such as bacterial vaginosis or candidiasis.

Irritations & dryness

Frequent use of scented douches and cleansing products can irritate the vagina and cause a feeling of dryness. This can make the area more prone to discomfort, itching, and irritation.

The risk of ovarian cancer

An American study published in the journal Epidemiology in 2016 shows an increased risk of ovarian cancer in women who regularly douch…

The vagina is self-cleaning, it doesn't need anything!

Little reminder: The vagina (external part) is self-cleaning, it does not need anything to clean itself properly. However, it is possible to take care of your privacy with suitable products.

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