Le Calybiota® Bio est le nouvel actif révolutionnaire qui régule la flore intime

Calybiota® Bio, the new revolutionary active ingredient for the intimate flora

Calybiota® is the key ingredient in our new intimate cleansing treatment: Le Pain Intime. Baûbo explains everything about Calybiota®, this natural and organic solution which regulates the intimate flora and soothes the vulva.

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The virtues of calybiota

Extracted from the calyxes of African red kapok flowers, calybiota is a super active ingredient that rebalances the subcutaneous microbiota. Also called cutaneous flora , the cutaneous microbiota is a set of bacteria, viruses and even fungi, which helps maintain the balance of our skin.

In this way, it protects us from inflammation and helps balance the pH of our skin. And guess what? With the effectiveness of calybiota it is possible to regulate it!

The role of calybiota on our intimate flora

100% natural and COSMOS certified, calybiota is a super active ingredient that rebalances the intimate flora . We explain why!

Did you know ?

The skin is made up of billions of essential bacteria to regulate our body's immunity and to protect it from disruptors. In order to preserve the health of the vagina (spoiler alert, yes the vagina is part of our body) , it is necessary to take care of the microbiota (a set of bacteria specific to the vulvar part.)

The main bacteria in the microbiota (90%) are called lactobacilli. These bacteria create protective shields to then transform the molecules of carbohydrates (glycogen) secreted by the cells of the genital mucosa into lactic acid, thus creating an acid environment necessary for maintaining the vaginal pH (between 3.5 and 4.5).

What is a healthy vagina?

To have a healthy vagina , it is necessary that its pH is between 3.5 and 4.5.

If the pH is above 4.5 , there is an imbalance in the vaginal flora (dysbiosis ) which can lead to symptoms such as itching, vulvar pain and possibly infections such as yeast infections.

pH Fluctuation Factors

The causes of fluctuation in the acidity of the pH of the vagina are due to:

  • the variation of hormones during a woman's life, pregnancies, menopause (the pH is naturally at 4.5 during this period).
  • the environment
  • the stress
  • sex
  • and especially intimate hygiene!

How does calybiota manage to regulate the vaginal flora?

Several studies show the benefits of calybiota:

  • it reduces inflation and soothes the intimate area.
  • it reduces feelings of discomfort and hydrates the intimate area (- 74% dryness, - 90% cracks, -75% inflammatory effect caused by the appearance of red spots also called erythema, - 78% irritation , -92% burning, -93% scratching sensation)
  • it improves women's sexual relations (-83% for women with dyspareunia)

Here are some inescapable statistics about the calybiota :

  • 89% of women found that calybiota reduced their feelings of irritation.
  • 81% of women saw an improvement in their sex life.
  • 87% of women that calybiota had reduced their intimate dryness.

Calybioata is quite simply the revolutionary active ingredient for intimate toilets!

It's not over!

Beyond regulating and protecting, in a natural way, its intimate flora, calybiota also has virtues for atopic, sensitive, acne-prone skin, etc. It even reduces odors!

The small+

Calybiota is harvested in Africa, on a UNESCO protected site called “ Man and the Biosphere . The harvest is carried out in an ethical and responsible way, to the delight of the planet but also of the local community.

The production of Calybiota is also good for the planet! Coming from the flowers of the red kapok tree, this tree is said to be oxalogenic. Associated with micro-organisms, they produce calcium carbonate in the soil which allows the sustainable creation of carbon sinks.

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