LE Pain Intime de Baûbo

Intimate cleanser: Baûbo Intimate Pain and its revolutionary active ingredients

We have selected (as usual) the best ingredients to produce Le Pain Intime , a soap-free soap for your daily intimate hygiene.
Calybiota® Bio, the new revolutionary active ingredient for the intimate flora Reading Intimate cleanser: Baûbo Intimate Pain and its revolutionary active ingredients 2 minutes Next Leçon pour cunnilingus réussi !

Baûbo Intimate Pain: the cleanser that respects the intimate flora

We have selected (as usual) the best ingredients to create Le Pain Intime . A solid soap-free cleanser for daily intimate hygiene – suitable for sensitive skin and baby skin.

Baûbo's Intimate Bread

🌺 Calybiota® Organic : new natural prebiotic active ingredient based on red kapok flowers which rebalances the microbiota of the intimate flora. Calybiota® Organic reduces inflammation, feelings of irritation and soothes dyspareunia and intimate dryness. These results were confirmed by a clinical study, making this new natural ingredient the star of Intimate Pain !

🥥 Coconut oil: Contains lauric acid, known to have antibacterial activity. Isolated, it inhibits the bacterial growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus, Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli... With emollient, softening and purifying properties.

🌼 Calendula macerate: rich in fatty acids, calendula is known to soften and fight against dryness , and flavonoids, known to soothe.

💜 Plum oil: rich in oleic acid, plum oil is known for its softening and softening properties. Naturally rich in tocopherol (vitamin E), it also has antioxidant and protective properties.
Also used for its sweet and light almond smell!

❤️ Red clay: natural coloring, red clay is recommended for sensitive skin because it is soothing. Naturally rich in trace elements and mineral salts, it delicately cleanses the skin, while acting gently on the body and face.

💛 Amisoft CS11-F : mild anionic surfactant, derived from amino acids of plant origin. The ingredients in the Amisoft range are hypoallergenic and their pH is close to that of the skin. They do not dry out the skin but leave a feeling of hydration.

Le Pain Intime is already validated by its users ! According to our gynecological test carried out by an independent French laboratory, 100% find that Le Pain Intime soothes the intimate area !

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