Nourrir sa libido, nos 6 conseils ultra concrets !

Feed your libido, our 6 ultra-concrete tips!

Is it possible to bring our libido back into existence? To feed her?
Here are some very concrete tips from Claire Alquier, sexologist in Paris, specially consulted to regain possession of our desire on a daily basis.

How to feed your libido in 6 steps

1. Be prepared

The drop in desire is normal – although disturbing – so we can leave alone for a moment before panicking. We have the right to no longer have a libido or not to have one, temporarily… or not! You therefore need to know if no longer having a libido makes you suffer. And why.
Rehabilitating your desire means first of all putting it back into your priorities, giving it back space. We must also agree to let go of this magical thought, meaning that the desire that left will suddenly return. To change things concretely, we must decide at the moment when we consider it to be an important moment in our lives. But if we (just) need to take a break, it's healthy and ok!

2. Identify what makes us feel good

First of all, you should definitely not force yourself . Let's remove the unpleasant, let's stop the relationships that don't make you happy, let's not fuel our sexuality for the sake of principle... It doesn't work like that.

3. Find the right conditions

Without guilt and panic, which only adds pressure! Certain moments of life, such as pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal variations, disabling pathologies, etc. can be more difficult than others to encourage desire. So we make peace with ourselves and we don't care (a little) peace, time to find the right moment.

4. Take time and take your time

We cannot rush desire. It is important to have time to see how our body reacts, what excites it. To begin, we can do a little self-exploration session to see what excites and pleases us. Trying to understand how our arousal system works is fundamental to better orient ourselves towards (new) practices that excite us.

5. Find your own tools

Sex toys , erotic books or comics, ethical porn films, erotic podcasts , paintings, drawings, dances: everything that generates emotion feeds the libido. And there is no standard in the matter! Daily nourishment gives more access to this part of our desire, and lastingly awakens our senses. So quickly, let's find our new hobby.

6. Value teamwork

Revaluing each other as a couple, prioritizing each other, helping each other, giving each other quality time... and above all, being two people at the initiative of the new direction we want to take is extremely important. Making an appointment for quality couple time may seem counterintuitive, and yet: when you have multiple schedules, if you don't make a date, it's the couple who misses it.
Massage, restaurant, cinema, outing, intimate and romantic sex... everything you want to escape for a while from managing children, work, home, stress.

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