6 choses à normaliser au lit (part. 2)

6 things to normalize in bed (part. 2)

Baûbo removes the prejudices of somewhat shameful things that happen to ALL of us in bed .

The risks associated with douching. Reading 6 things to normalize in bed (part. 2) 3 minutes Next Why do women fake it in bed?

These things to normalize in bed

Before reading this article, go take a look at part 1 ;)

1. Put on a condom

This seems to be the worst moment in a sexual relationship – stopping everything to put on the condom , special mention if you have to go get it. But no, the worst is an STD. To avoid embarrassment and impatience, take the lead and do it in pairs!

2. Fruts

Frouts (puff + prout) or vaginal farts are quite simply the consequence of air entering the vagina. All it takes is a change of position for them to appear. After doggy style or when peeing, vaginal farting happens to all of us and should not be a moment of embarrassment but rather a moment of crazy laughter with your partner.

3. Change of position

Stuck hair, poke in the eye, poor coordination or lack of flexibility, changing position can sometimes be uncomfortable... Communication can help you overcome this moment by coordinating yourself: “ You go under and I go above? " Come on.

4. Anal for everyone

Yes, we all have an anus, and guys can like anal while being resolutely straight (hello love the prostate) and women without being sluts (hello the nerves of the clitoris near the anus) . Pleasure is not linked to a sexual label and we should have the right, or the choice, to explore freely, gently and... without judgment .

PS. it was our little finger that told us ;)

5. Dry off

Due to sweating or to remove semen on the body or in the vagina, the moment to come to one's senses to dry off can sometimes be a shameful moment in front of our partner who is looking at us... However, nothing is more normal than sweating after an effort and to wipe off when you have liquid on you?! No ?

6. Not wanting to

Wanting a hug doesn't necessarily mean wanting sex. It's important to warn your partner and not feel obliged to do anything... At the time, you feel guilty but it's normal not to always want to! Fatigue, morale, laziness, stress, kids... Life , that's it.

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