image article de blog Baûbo Pourquoi les 18 - 24 ans baisent moins ?

Why do 18-24 year olds fuck less?

Baûbo deciphers for you the reasons why young people are making love less and less.

Do the French make love less? A recent Ifop study published on February 6, 2024 carried out for the Swedish sex toy brand Lelo demonstrates that the rate of sexual activity has not never been this low... since 1970. Let's find out the main reasons.

Young people are better informed

Today, with the internet and social networks, we have various means at our disposal to make informed decisions and favor quality rather than quantity.

A generation freed from injunctions

Compared to the 1980s and 2000s, sex no longer represents the same thing... Today , young people are much more deconstructed about “ gender norms, and the different forms of injunctions that weigh on the body and the intimate, François Kraus , director of the Politics and News division of the 'Ifop.

Women say NO more easily

It seems that there is a real increase in demands among young women. Leading to an increase in the average first time age, young women are opting for a more considered approach before committing emotionally and sexually to a relationship.

Women are more independent

Financial independence would offer women greater sexual freedom within their relationship. With an increase in their income, Generation Z no longer feels obliged to make love whereas previously this was a sort of “due” in the marital contract within the couple's economy.

Screens, enemies of sex

1 in 3 French people has already preferred to engage in a digital activity (watching a series, reading an article, playing video games, etc.) rather than having sex... Long live the virtual world?

Masturbation is fun

More than 1 in 3 people have already avoided sexual intercourse because they knew that they would have more pleasure or more easily pleasure by masturbating solo...

The dynamic has reversed

While men are becoming more and more conservative, women are gaining emancipation . Resulting in incompatibility in sexual desire between the sexes. Women no longer hesitate to express their desires during sexual relations. The proof ! There are 22,000 of you who follow us on Instagram and appreciate our completely uninhibited content tackling sexual taboos. (follow us on @bauboparis )

Discover the secret reasons why our subscribers have less sex

Users dare to say what stops them from making love

The extremely distressing climate

It is well known: sexual desire is multi-factorial. In other words, libido can be affected by stress, lack of sleep, work... AND the news, which today is more anxiety-provoking than ever! We agree that the current climate arouses sadness and anger more than envy and desire.

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