Le Baume Vulve de Baûbo dans le magazine féminin stylist

BAÛBO in Stylist: “Do you really need to moisturize your lower lips?”

Vulva Balm has once again caused a sensation, this time it was the women's magazine Stylist which focused on its effectiveness in lastingly hydrating the vulvar mucous membranes.
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Do you really need to moisturize your lower lips?

This question, asked by Stylist magazine, is immediately resolved for Baûbo, since since 2018 we have been advocating intimate hydration without compromise. Although vaginal hydration occurs naturally by our body, the vulva can sometimes lack hydration due to a hormonal change (menopause, pregnancy, cycle, postpartum, etc.) or other external factors (sport, sex, hair removal, etc.) .

This manifests itself in particular by discomfort : burning, tingling... in the lower lips .

But that was before ! Indeed, Gen Z seems to be reversing the trend and has decided to no longer suffer in the vulva, even if it means making less love and above all this generation knows how to take care of its private parts with natural and organic solutions.

It is with great pride that the women's magazine Stylist recommends Baûbo Vulva Balm as a solution to remedy vulvar dryness problems.

Stylist blog article talks about Baûbo Vulva Balm
Vulva Balm in Stylist France

Going beyond its moisturizing properties, Vulva Balm offers an incomparable feeling of comfort in the vulva, while providing daily protection and improving the elasticity of the skin over the long term.

Baûbo Vulva Balm

Baûbo Vulva Balm - Natural Intimate Hydration

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