Baûbo répond à pourquoi les femmes hétérosexuelles simulent au lit ?

Why do women fake it in bed?

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes fake sex? Baûbo opens your eyes to the motivations of female simulation.

The reasons why women fake it in bed

When it comes to sexuality, women face a constant dilemma. If they openly express their sexual desires, society labels them as easy girls , but if they remain silent, they are perceived as being too stuck . Over time, women have often had to conform to social norms , leading to certain behaviors like faking an orgasm during sex.

Baûbo reveals the main reasons for a woman - heterosexual - to pretend in bed.

1. Social pressure

Heterosexual women may fake it because they feel under pressure to orgasm. Simulating then allows you to reassure your partner and show that you had... fun

2. To flatter the partner's ego

According to an IFOP survey for Femme Actuelle published in 2021, 37% of women believe that overplaying their pleasure makes a man proud of him . So happy ?

3. To avoid hurting your partner

In order to protect the guy's feelings (again!), 31% of women prefer to fake it so as not to hurt him.

4. To end the sexual relationship

32% of women prefer to simulate an orgasm in order to end a sexual relationship rather than communicating with their partner...

This brings us to another topic, namely ending the sexual act before reaching orgasm. Even if the reasons are multiple: loss of desire, insufficient communication etc. The feeling of discomfort during love remains the best known cause.

Indeed, according to our study on vulvar pain Vulvar pain? conducted by Baûbo and Vulvae (formerly Medfem), 91.8% of respondents affirm that penetration is THE practice most linked to discomfort /pain and 67.6% of respondents affirm that discomfort/pain impacts sexual life.

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