Les choses à normaliser au lit partie 3


Baûbo removes the prejudices of somewhat shameful things that happen to ALL of us in bed .

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Before reading this article, take a look at part 1 then part 2 ;)

Sometimes it sucks

Let’s dare to say it! Sometimes it sucks...
It is enough to be in a bad mood, whether it is too long or not long enough, or if laziness suddenly hits us for the sexual relationship to end in:
- So, did you like it?
- Yeah... Ugh.

Have no experience

Everything has to have a beginning. Having no experience or just starting out in this area doesn't matter, because everyone goes through it . Let yourself be guided and take note of what your partner does - caresses, kisses on the neck, hair pulling, noises ... Mimicry is the secret to success.

Have complexes

Finding yourself in front of someone who is particularly comfortable with their body can sometimes be surprising, especially if on our side it's quite the opposite... To be more comfortable , it is important to discuss it with your partner and find common ground, such as turning off the light. Simple, basic.

Say no if there is no condom*

*In the case of protected sex

Start warming up and then saying no because your partner doesn't want to use a condom shouldn't be a hindrance! The most important thing in the story is YOU so it doesn't matter if he's not happy. Dare to say NO and protect yourself !

Talk contraception

Talking about contraception with your partner (regular or not) is sine qua none . Condom, pill, implant, IUD ... Often, it is the woman who alone experiences this mental pressure . So, well, the possible outcome concerns both parties (and we are only fertile a few days a month!)

Don't do it every day

It's okay not to want to have sex every day. Some have a strong libido and others have a lesser one , but no one is at fault.

If you feel a discrepancy in libido between you and your partner, discuss it freely. Explain how you see things, what place sex has for you, in your relationship, etc. And read our article on libido on the baubo.fr blog!

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