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Prevent, correct and reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Baûbo partners with Moom Skincare, the organic cosmetics brand certified without endocrine disruptors, to address the theme of pregnancy and stretch marks.
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They can be thin and white, extensive and purple, sometimes pink, stretch marks mark our body. Sometimes, evidence of rapid growth, and other times proof that we once carried life... Whether we love them or hate them, if you want to take care of them: you've come to the right place !

What are stretch marks?

To fully understand the phenomenon, it is often enough to compare it to plate tectonics! Under the effect of a sudden change in weight or rapid growth, the dermis stretches beyond its capacity to the breaking point: this is a tear.
It does not create an earthquake, nor a tsunami. Except perhaps a tsunami of tears if stretch marks are your worst nightmare, in which case we advise you to stay here because it can get better, fade (there is hope).

Very often, we discover stretch marks without having seen anything coming! But it can happen that at the time of breakup and a few days before you feel tension or even itching! Something is going on down there! Mini tears in the collagen and elastin fibers are being created, forming: your future stretch marks!

The 2 types of stretch marks

- Growth stretch marks
They are in the horizontal direction. You push, the usually supple and elastic dermis cannot keep up and ruptures. Imagine that you pull on a rubber band so much that it ends up breaking: it breaks in the horizontal direction and not in the vertical direction. The dermis is the same! Lack of sufficient elasticity and flexibility: it cracks.

- Stretch marks linked to weight variation
They are often in the vertical direction! And yes since here we lie down horizontally, we therefore crack vertically ;)! In this specific case, if weight gain is linked to their appearance, genetic, hormonal and even environmental factors play a big role! Some people will thus be able to see stretch marks appear while gaining very little weight, while in others their competitive dermis does not allow any flaws to pass.

Why do stretch marks affect women more? 

Well because... mother nature is there... Let me explain: we're not going to lie, women are more affected because an inevitable change in weight awaits them if they one day wish to be a mother. 70% of women will have stretch marks during their pregnancy. I'm not telling you anything: 10 kg in 9 months: that's a change in weight. Especially since the body prioritizes the smooth running of pregnancy over the elasticity of our skin. What does it mean ? During pregnancy, cortisol levels increase: a hormone essential for the development of the future baby BUT which has the disadvantage of blocking the formation of collagen. And if you don't know: collagen maintains good elasticity and resistance of the skin! In the end, it's a bit as if collagen was idle while the baby factory is running at full capacity. Your body has its priorities too.

No desire for a baby? Are you saved? Well by nature, women have less collagen which also explains why stretch marks are more common in women. But then what do we need to limit their appearance?

Prevent the appearance of stretch marks

Let's get into the heart of the subject ! We're not going to lie: preventing them is much easier than making them disappear once they have reared their ugly head.

And if you think it's a waste, tell yourself that 93% of the concerns and illnesses you may have are determined by your environment and only 7% by your genes. We can therefore all act on our lifestyle to avoid this or that pathology. Especially since new studies suggest that we cannot know precisely whether having stretch marks from mother to daughter is linked to genetics or to a transmission of the same lifestyle involving stretch marks.
To put it simply: your mother has never drunk a lot of water, doesn't really like cooking and prefers prepared meals... There is a good chance that you take from her these little life attractions which can have a immense impact on the formation of stretch marks…

Here are our tips for limiting their appearance:

Stay hydrated to avoid stretch marks 

Drinking water is very crucial, even essential! This may seem like crude advice, but the skin is the last to be served when you drink water. There are much more important things for your body like the proper functioning of your organs!

Moreover, when you lack water, your kidneys work less well, the elimination of toxins is therefore more difficult, it is then done through the skin: hello pimples! You improve the elasticity of your skin by drinking enough water but sometimes, it is also the solution to say goodbye to your pimples! I almost forgot: a good water intake requires between 1 to 2L of pure water per day (not counting the water you can get through tea, fruit, soup etc. etc.).

Eat anti-stretch marks 

Vitamins C, D and E as well as Zinc and proteins help maintain good skin health.
Vitamins A, C as well as sulfur and copper promote the production of collagen and there is no need to look for food supplements: they are found in citrus fruits, kiwis, cabbage, legumes, garlic, onions, spinach, eggplants and even in strawberries (prefer organic).

In the end: eat better, eat at home. For the more perfectionists: sprinkle seeds or even seaweed, try shitake mushrooms, fermented food.
And limit sugars and refined products.
On the other hand, we often wrongly believe that we must get rid of fatty fish and vegetable oils at all costs: both provide enormous benefits for maintaining good circulation of nutrients and good health in general.

What stretch mark care routine?

Stretch mark massage: how regular?

The more you pamper your skin, the more it will reward you. With each massage, you activate blood circulation and stimulate skin elasticity! They also have the advantage of relaxing your mind and less stress means less cortisol: means better collagen production. Everything is connected ;).

You are pregnant ? You might as well get started right away, the skin will need all your support! From the 4th month of pregnancy, twice a day would be ideal with a massage of at least 15 minutes once a week. Could this be an opportunity for the co-parent to get their hands dirty and combine business with pleasure by trying haptonomy at the same time? After pregnancy, we often wrongly believe that we can stop massaging. This is often when the skin cracks. The stomach is empty, weighs and pulls down and this is often when the skin cracks. Especially since the quality of sleep is altered and a whole bunch of hormonal processes are at play. We know well that we tend to leave our body aside at this time and above all want to sleep. Little postpartum tip: apply your treatment oil after showering. The pores are open, the oil penetrates more quickly and in 3 minutes it's dry!

Anti-stretch mark active ingredients in your creams and treatments

Massage is very important in your routine but if it is performed with oils with low nutritional values ​​for your skin, you are not putting all the chances on your side to avoid stretch marks. Prefer noble oils, very rich in linoleic acid, phytosterols, vitamins and antioxidant active ingredients.

Examples ?

Desert Date Oil

Date palm oil for dessert It is known to be absorbed very quickly by the skin. It has incredible nourishing and softening properties. Thanks to the presence of linoleic acid and phytosterols, it helps maintain good skin hydration and tone the skin. In addition to these precious nutrients, it provides the skin with a small dose of vitamin C and copper sufficient to boost collagen production! An ingredient of choice to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Muscat rose oil 

Muscat rose oil Recognized for thousands of years for its exceptional healing and regenerating properties, Muscat Rose oil helps the skin recover and renew itself more quickly. It is perfect for reducing the appearance of existing stretch marks AND for maintaining good skin firmness and elasticity. How ? It stimulates the production of collagen! It has an essential fatty acid that is rather rare in the plant environment: gamma-linoleic aka omega 6 fatty acid! A bomb of anti-inflammatory and regenerating benefits which earns it its place on the podium of qualitative active ingredients. Last point: its richness in vitamin E gives it anti-free radical qualities. Another argument in favor of a stretch mark routine because free radicals are an aggravating factor for stretch marks!

Roucou aka Urucum extract

Hello alias Urucum image

Rarer, it is likely that its name means nothing to you and yet! It is one of the rare, high-quality assets! Enriched with nutrients, trace elements and polyphenols, Roucou provides the skin with everything it needs to repair and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Annatto hydrates, plumps and contributes to the suppleness and resistance of the skin. In terms of cell renewal, achiote is one of the ingredients with the most beta-carotene in the world! A great ally to strengthen the skin, protect it from free radicals and oxidative damage and restore the skin's radiance! The achiote is also very recognizable by its warm golden color, it leaves behind sublimated and less white skin.

Wangari treatment oil from moom

The must of the must? Combine all these ingredients in a single treatment: organic, certified without endocrine disruptors, without essential oils, without perfume, compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding, made in France, in glass packaging! Is that a lot to ask? What if we introduced it to you 🥰?

Moom Wangari Treatment Oil offers a holistic approach to preventing and reducing stretch marks. It contains the best of what nature can offer us while providing an innovative formula! Its first ingredient? Desert Date oil closely followed by Tamanu oil with exceptional healing properties, Muscat Rose oil which no longer needs to be introduced and Pomegranate oil with recognized benefits (in fact it is not don’t hesitate to add it to your anti-stretch mark diet ;)). Its little extra? Thanks to the unique presence of lactic acid, it is as close as possible to the pH of your skin! A unique quality for a treatment oil which makes it extremely compatibility with all skin types and all skin areas. Thanks to this innovation, it can also be applied as a facial serum.

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Does a routine without endocrine disruptors help limit the appearance of stretch marks?

It's not the miracle solution, but it can add its little grain of salt! We know that hormones have an impact on the appearance of stretch marks and that hormonal processes block or promote the creation of collagen depending on the period of life.

A routine without disruptors Moom Skincare

By exposing yourself to endocrine disruptors, hormonal balance is impacted, which affects the health and elasticity of the skin.
By opting for treatments labeled organic, without endocrine disruptors, you also avoid the inflammation that your skin may suffer from the irritating substances of conventional products. If your skin constantly has to fight against sulfates and other irritating ingredients, it will have less time to take care of its health and elasticity. Hence the importance of also choosing a suitable shower gel in your stretch mark routine.

Of course, without mentioning stretch marks, opting for a routine without endocrine disruptors will have benefits in other significant aspects. If you are pregnant, we know for sure that the ingredients of conventional cosmetics that we put on our skin are found in the placenta of pregnant women. What we put on our skin must therefore be as natural and harmless as possible for babies. As for the benefits for our own health, the reasons for avoiding endocrine disruptors are legion; avoiding them keeps us away from fertility problems, cancers, allergies, degenerative diseases, etc.
But that’s another story that I tell you in my book on endocrine disruptors

This article was written by Yoko, founder of moom .

Biography Yoko Moom Skincare Moom is a brand of organic cosmetics certified without endocrine disruptors which fights against the presence of endocrine disruptors in our daily lives. It offers a complete routine for safe self-care: shower gel, shampoo, cleanser, makeup remover, oil and moisturizer. Discover the entire range on their store .

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