Symptothermie : la contraception naturelle est-elle vraiment fiable ?

Symptothermy: is natural contraception really reliable?

What is Symptothermy? Interview with Alix, the founder of Magic Ovaries, to answer our questions about this little-known means of contraction.

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Natural contraception with Alix from Magic Ovaries

Alix is ​​a Symptothermy instructor and the founder of Magic Ovaries. She supports women and couples in better understanding their fertility and offers comprehensive training to learn how to identify fertile days independently through the observation of cervical mucus and monitoring of basal temperature .

Baûbo is very happy to share this article with you on a key subject: natural contraception. Is it safe? What do we mean by “natural contraception”? How it works ? Alix answers our questions.

Symptothermy: portrait of Alix, instructor of magic ovaries natural contraception

Natural contraception, what is it?

Alix: I don't really like this term but by “natural contraception” we mean “hormone-free contraception”. Under this label, we bring together means of contraception such as the condom, the copper IUD, the diaphragm and cycle observation methods among others.

Small reminder: contraception is a word that comes from the Latin contra which means “unlike” and conceptio, “action of containment”. We therefore try to “not contain”, not to get pregnant.

Info: Even though women have sought to control their pregnancies since the dawn of time, the word “contraceptive” only entered the dictionary in 1955!

Indeed, it was in the 20th century that many discoveries were made on this subject:

  • A temperature that varies
    In the 1900s, Dutch gynecologist Theodoor van de Velde noticed the biphasic change in basal temperature. The latter is low during the first phase of the menstrual cycle and high during the second.
  • A second stable cycle phase
    In the 1930s, gynecologists Knaus and Ogino discovered that ovulation occurs between 12 and 16 days before the next period. The second phase of the cycle is therefore stable. This is the first that can vary greatly.
  • Cervical mucus that changes
    In the 1950s, Erik Odeblad studied the anatomical structure of the cervix in detail and identified different types of cervical crypts that produce different types of mucus to filter, transport and nourish sperm.

How does Symptothermy work?

Alix: As its name suggests, it is the observation of cervical mucus (sympto) and the monitoring of basal temperature (thermia).

By combining these two indicators, it is possible to identify the fertile window , the period during which sexual intercourse could result in pregnancy.

We're not predicting anything. We observe !
Cervical mucus and basal temperature are influenced by sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, they give us precise information to know where we are in our cycle.

You may have already noticed that sometimes you have dry white discharge, other times they are creamier, sometimes they are stretchy like raw egg white and you may also have have a sensation of “splash” and notice like water at the bottom of your underwear. It's all cervical mucus!

At each phase of the cycle, its dominant hormones and its appearance of mucus.

Sex hormones also influence basal temperature. This increases after ovulation thanks to progesterone.

Once you know where you stand, you can either abstain to avoid pregnancy or have intercourse to maximize your chances of conceiving.
This is how the method works.

My gynecologist/midwife never told me about it, why?

Alix: With an effectiveness rate of 98.2% *, Symptothermie is as reliable as other modern contraceptives. It represents an informed choice for those seeking to understand and respect their cycle, while offering a method of contraception without side effects. (*Source: Result of the Sensiplan study carried out on 900 women. Results published in 2007 ).

Unfortunately, few health professionals seem to be familiar with this method. And for good reason, this word does not yet appear in the dictionary!
Furthermore, there are still few certified Symptothermy instructors.

A shame, because understanding your cycle means:
- allow yourself to function as best as possible while respecting your cyclicality
- have an overall health indicator
- maximize your chances of conceiving when you have a child plan
- have a non-invasive method of contraception without side effects
- be able to determine your expected date of delivery.

In short, understanding your cycle is Empowerment with a capital E.

Do you want to join the adventure?

Head to Alix’s website:
Also find free content on his Tiktok Magic Ovaries and his YouTube channel Magic Ovaries [FR].

Thanks to Alix for this interview. <3

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