Pourquoi regarder sa vulve régulièrement ?

The benefits of looking at your vulva in a mirror.

75% of women do not distinguish between a vagina and a vulva. It's time to know your female anatomy for a better understanding of yourself, from the head to the vulva and to recognize anomalies.

Why looking at your pussy is important...

Doesn't it matter to you that your partner knows a part of YOUR body better than you do?

Take control of your body image ! Society tends to overly sexualize women's anatomy when the vulva is not only used for sexual intercourse: it protects the genitals, it has an essential role during childbirth...

Improve your sexual relations

How can you know what you like sexually if you don't know the parts of your anatomy? It's time to pick up your pocket mirror and take a look down. Discover your lips, the clitoris, the glans... Look, analyze then touch. Be careful, it 's just a question of testing the waters, no need to masturbate (you naughty bunch).

Next time, you will guide your partner even better. You will see it's a game changer!

Detect anomalies

Regularly examining the physical condition of your vulva can help you diagnose abnormalities, knowing that you see a gynecologist once every 3 years. We see you who are too lazy to make their medical appointment.

Taking a look at her vulva helps detect ingrown hairs, unusual redness, temporary dryness... In the event of any abnormalities, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional.

Against temporary dryness and redness

Mirror in hand, take a look at your vulva and check that there is no BIG abnormality!

In case of small redness, feeling of dryness, tingling after lovemaking, periods, pregnancy, menopause... Vulva Balm helps you find instant comfort. 92% of women are satisfied & peaceful !

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