Nos conseils pour jouir des seins

How to enjoy breasts? Our ultimate advice!

Breasts of all shapes and sizes, it's time to enjoy the joys of boobgasm. Here are our ultimate tips for effectively stimulating your breasts to have pleasure and perhaps reach seventh heaven!

Enjoying your breasts: it’s possible!

According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine , 1 in 3 women can achieve breast orgasm. Called boobgasm or nipplegasm in the USA, breast orgasm is scientifically proven. For those who have not yet had this experience, here is our guide to exploring this sensation to its peak.

Tip #1: Get warm everywhere

Having an orgasm does not only depend on the pressure or the gesture made on the G-spot. It also depends - or even above all - on the atmosphere : music, light, mental pressure, etc. To make boobgasm rear its ugly head, don't neglect other parts of the body. Stimulation of the back, hips, neck...

Tip #2: It has to slide!

We recommend using Canon Balm or saliva so that it glides without irritating the breasts due to repetitive movements. Hands that slide will have a better chance of mastering the movements that make them take off.

Tip #3: Take it easy...

Start by making broad movements from the outside to the inside to finish by massaging the tips of the nipples . Be careful, don't go too fast! The areola - dark area around the nipple - is an erogenous zone that swells at the time of orgasm. It is therefore a part not to be forgotten but which also requires restraint!

Tip #4: Blow hot and cold

We hadn't thought about it before, but know that the breasts love to be stimulated by cold and hot effects . Besides the ice cubes you can simply blow hot air on them to excite them.

Tip #5: Test your sensitivity

Once all the steps are followed, you can get down to business with small nibbles on the nipples. The goal is not to hurt him but to know what intensity is preferred.

Tip #6: Nipple sucking

This licking technique will certainly open the doors to boobgasm paradise ! You can thus suck your partner's nipple for a longer or shorter time. If you notice that the chest is hardening, you are on the right track.

Pregnancy boobgasm

Notice to pregnant women : it seems that the feeling of breast orgasm triple during pregnancy!!! It's time to do good in a different way.

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