8 façons de s'inspirer & de s'engager dans le féminise

8 ways to get inspired & get involved for March 8

Feminist readings, good films, demonstrations, activist podcasts and great accounts to follow: our 8 ways to get inspired & get involved for March 8.

1) Our feminist bookstore of 2024

The words of Q by Camille Aumont Carnel
Empower yourself and discover what the choice of your words reveals and allows about your sexuality.

Blue Beard by Amélie Nothomb and Camille Benyamina

The fairy tale is revisited in a modern comic book , around the last young girl who dared to challenge the vile man of power.

As good fathers of families by Rose Lamy
A powerful book that builds myths around these violent monsters which are not monsters: good fathers of families.

Eaters by Lauren Malka
Who killed female gluttony? How have women's appetites been disrupted? The relationship with food is not genderless. The proof.

Bitch: The Power of Females in the Animal World by Lucy Cooke
Where we twist our necks to the sexist mythology that has shaped life sciences. Animal societies, all dominated by males? Enough to make a spotted hyena gently chuckle.

2) Binge on female gaze with good films

Anatomy of a fall by Justine Triet
After receiving a Palme d'Or, Golden Globes, a César and a nomination for the Oscar for best film, don't walk: run to see it!

Icon of French Cinema by Judith Godrèche
An unmissable! Godrèche's series on his past, among other things, is a success: funny, decadent lied, moving.

Barbie by Greta Gerwig
So light and yet so committed, the Barbie film is the essential feminist cinema of 2023.

There's Still Tomorrow by Paola Cortellesi
A powerful film about domestic violence , becoming one of the five biggest successes in the history of Italian cinema.

Love and Forests by Valérie Donzelli
Adapted from the novel by Eric Reinhardt, this modern tragedy depicts the drift of a husband's narcissistic control over his wife.

3) Demonstrate en masse on March 8

Demonstrations are planned for March 8 throughout France, with the aim of asserting our rights! Don’t hesitate to take a look at the cfdt website to demonstrate near you:

Bordeaux : 12 p.m. Place de la Victoire
Brest : 3:40 p.m. Place de la Liberté
Lille : 1:30 p.m. Plac e of the Republic
Lyon : 12:30 p.m. Place Jean Macé
Marseille : 1:30 p.m. Saint-Charles station
Nantes : 11:30 a.m. at Miroir d’Eau
Paris : 2 p.m. Place Gambetta
Toulouse : 2 p.m. Place du Capitole

Psssttt... Don't forget to make the vulva sign!

vulva sign during feminist demonstration

Symbolizing the female sex, it is made during demonstrations calling for legalizing abortion – or defending it, always.

4) Follow feminist & engaged Insta accounts

To see what the world would look like without patriarcaca.

@ lanuitrumueparis
To laugh through illustrations, showing current events through a feminist and intersectional prism.

To make sure you are up to date with all the feminist news.

@cestquilab bone
To have self-confidence.

To read authentic testimonies about the mental burden of women.

To come up with solid and quantified arguments at the next dinner.

5) Support activist associations

Gynecology Without Borders
GSF works for the sexual and mental health of women around the world. Since our launch, we have donated 2% of your purchases to the CamiFrance mission , which is committed to the medical-psycho-social care of women in exile and in very precarious situations throughout France.⁠ Thank you!

Dare to feminism!
Since 2009, this “feminist, universalist, secular, progressive and abolitionist” association has denounced inequalities between women and men in all areas through field actions and awareness campaigns.

The Women's Foundation
Since 2014, the Women's Foundation has been the leading association in France for freedom and the defense of women's rights, against the violence of which they are victims.

6) Listen to feminine podcasts

We stick to the juice of Camille and Justine
By inviting committed artists, this podcast addresses feminism, diversity and the environment in an uninhibited way.

The politics of Ocean whores
An immersive investigation into sex workers for the Intime & Politics podcast series.

Intimate Lands of Juliette Cervera
A podcast where guests s confide about their sexuality and their intimacy, without of their sexuality and their intimacy, without taboo.

Hands in pop by Nouvelles Histoires
Pop decryption of our favorite idols with a feminist perspective on the microphones of journalists Audrey Couppé de Kermadec, Coumbis Hope Lowie and Mahaut Drama, comedian.

The Guilty Feminist by Deborah Frances-White
A quirky and funny podcast in English that addresses the contradictions, insecurities and little hypocrisies that surround feminists.

7) Explore yourself on the networks

Beyond an erotic audio platform, it's a lot of pedagogy, advice and confessions around sexuality.

Varied testimonies and awareness of consent ,this account will allow you a fulfilling sex life.

The best sex tips (techniques, accessories, etc.) are on this account!

Our favorite 2.0 sexologist gives us her advice with zero taboos, to free yourself from diktats and finally have an exciting love life alone or as a couple.

The pop feminist account which popularizes topics around sexuality.

8) Revulsion with Baûbo

No more suffering in silence, being ashamed, having pain in the vulva (o u to Q )!

Baûbo defends feminist and committed values ​​of emancipation for the intimate and sexual well-being of women. Whether with intimate care designed by and for women, or with our publications, our blog articles and our newsletters: we inform ourselves and we do ourselves good, without taboos.

Follow us on Instagram for more deliberate content : @bauboparis

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