9 types d’orgasmes insoupçonnés par baubo

9 types of unexpected orgasms

Did you know that there are at least 9 types of female orgasm! And yes, the female orgasm doesn't just stop at the clitoris and penetration.

9 types of unexpected orgasms to experience at least once in your life

Urethral orgasm

The urethra is a particularly sensitive area surrounded by sensitive sensors as well as erectile tissue. According to Doctor Gérard Leleu, it is entirely possible to have an orgasm at the urethra because it is connected to the clitoris and the female prostate.

The sleeping orgasm

More unknown, because it only affects 4% of women , sleep orgasm does exist! An erotic dream and presto the sheets are soaked and not only with sweat... Wet accident often associated with ejaculation, in reality nocturnal orgasms also lead to a release of vaginal secretions linked to arousal.

Cervical orgasm

Also called deep orgams , cervical orgasm is rare but not impossible! This orgasm is enabled by very, very deep penetration until touching the hard wall at the bottom of the vagina. If you want to test, favor positions like missionary or “spread eagle”.

G-spot orgasm

Stimulating the G-spot would allow you to reach seventh heaven! In reality, it is so close to the clitoris that it is through this that the orgasm is created. However, stimulation of the G-spot allows female ejaculation.

A-spot orgasm

After point G, give a round of applause for point A ! According to Dr. Gérard Leleu, the deep spot is a pleasure point located on the anterior surface of the vagina, above the G-spot, halfway between it and the anterior vaginal cul-de-sac. » Do you find it? No ? All that's left to do is discover it... This one is hard to believe, however, where gasmering thanks to a very languorous kiss could allow you to reach orgasm... Easier to manage than the Point A, right?

Breast orgasm

Yes, boobgasm exists! 1 in 3 women can achieve breast orgasm. Lucky or good practice? It seems that it is possible to reach seventh heaven just by stimulating the chest: caresses, licking, nibbling... The secret is to take your time (and to reread the blog article we wrote on it )

The sports orgasm

Also called coregasm , the orgasm emitted through sport does exist! Unfortunately for us, only certain exercises such as those that contract the abs or the pelvic floor allow us to reach orgasm... And on a whim, a little jogging too.

Mental orgasm

Notice to very imaginative people, who love to fall asleep imagining their greatest fantasies... Hands off, having an orgasm just through thought is rare, but crazy.

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