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How to (properly) caress a vulva?

Practical sex guide to try to know how to masturbate.
Yes, there’s more to life than penetration!

The Ultimate Guide to Cumming Fast

Start slowly with Vulva Balm

After cutting your nails, to avoid any injury, delicately apply a little Vulva Balm to start to excite her, discover her anatomy and know her most sensitive area.


Some like to be direct while others prefer caresses... Each vulva is different! Knowing what your partner wants is essential to knowing how to go about it. You can talk about it or listen and recognize her moans when you touch her, this will save you points (and time)!

Try the “squirt”

Fingering may be more interesting than you think. Even if they are thin, the fingers are more flexible and more precise!
To squirt:
- Crochet technique (come there sign)
- Back and forth from top to bottom touching the wall towards the stomach
- Keep a frantic pace...

Don't bet EVERYTHING on penetration

We can never repeat it enough but orgasm does not lie so much in penetration! According to a study conducted by HuffPost , 30% of women do not reach orgasm with penetration . The clitoris is king, remember.

Doubly stimulate

This is the winning combo:
Clitoris stimulation + digital penetration. Who says better ?

Lick please

Cunnilingus is one of the most popular techniques in women's sexual lives . Whether for its sensation or for the consideration of its sex, it is the royal road to orgasm and letting go.

Please don't...

- Finger/nag for 1 hour, at the risk of causing pain.
- Change the intensity or position of the fingers when she starts to moan...
- Forget the clitoris.

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