La meilleure routine pour prendre soin de soit après l'amour

The best routine to take care of yourself after sex

We list for you the best things to do after sex to feel at your best physically AND mentally.

The best routine after love

Do you always do the same actions after sex? If so, you most likely already have a precise and established routine. It's certainly akin to lighting up a cigarette... What if we gave you some tips on how to move on from a routine after the sweet and tender love that takes care of you!

1/ Urinating after coitus

We often feel lazy but to avoid urinary infections, eliminate semen residue and clean the urethra , it is more than advisable to urinate after sex! A trip to the toilet to prevent a fungus. Still lazy?

2/ Maintain intimacy

When it's over, there's still more... Let's take advantage of the moment after love to cuddle, kiss and show each other affection. This can help build intimacy and foster an emotional connection.

3/ Communicate and dare to give feedback

Sharing your feelings about the act, expressing our satisfaction , our needs, desires and expectations is a delicate exercise which nevertheless allows us to strengthen mutual trust and improve our prowess for the next time.

4/ Eat and drink to regain strength

Was the antics sporty?

Let's avoid discomfort and drink a large glass of water, to restore the water balance of the body which may suffer from dehydration, then snacking is not such a bad idea for round 2.

5/ A dab of Baûbo Vulva Balm

Do you feel tingling after sex? A feeling of dryness and/or vulvar irritation due to friction?

Vulva Balm

Baûbo Vulva Balm was specially created to soothe intimate discomfort after lovemaking and every day. Based on coconut oil and calendula, its 100% natural & 100% organic formula can be used whenever you want! 87% * of users find it soothing after sex.

ps: It's always better if it's applied by your partner ;)

*Figure taken from the gynecologically controlled test carried out for Baûbo by an independent French laboratory, April 2019.⁠

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